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1. The phrase used to hand something (i.e. assignment, test) in to the teacher.

2. Refers to the plagiarism detecting website: Turnitin.com
1. John: Oh...shit! We have a assignment due tomorrow.

Bob: Oh...yes! I forgot about that, is it for marks? Do we have to turn it in?

2. John: I have to turn in my essay online before 12AM
by plansauts February 07, 2010
Used if a prior arrangement is terminated by either party usually due to laziness, a lack of interest or tiredness.
Knock it on the head
Calton - "You wanna come round and watch Contact?"
Steph - "Turn that right in, that film is incredibly shite !"
by Wibbsy October 03, 2003
A Michigan term for turning in (giving up) a car fully paid for to get a new car
My daughter's car was a 2004 Mazda MPV, when she told me that it was paid off, I told her, "Well, its time to "Turn It In" and get a better deal on a new car."
by DebtFree January 31, 2009