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Used if a prior arrangement is terminated by either party usually due to laziness, a lack of interest or tiredness.
Knock it on the head
Calton - "You wanna come round and watch Contact?"
Steph - "Turn that right in, that film is incredibly shite !"
by Wibbsy October 03, 2003
1. The phrase used to hand something (i.e. assignment, test) in to the teacher.

2. Refers to the plagiarism detecting website:
1. John: Oh...shit! We have a assignment due tomorrow.

Bob: Oh...yes! I forgot about that, is it for marks? Do we have to turn it in?

2. John: I have to turn in my essay online before 12AM
by plansauts February 07, 2010
A Michigan term for turning in (giving up) a car fully paid for to get a new car
My daughter's car was a 2004 Mazda MPV, when she told me that it was paid off, I told her, "Well, its time to "Turn It In" and get a better deal on a new car."
by DebtFree January 31, 2009

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