A term used by English people to generally describe Scottish people in a derogatory fashion (was once a common male nickname within Scotland). It is now considered to verge on racism when used by a non-Scot. The Scottish equivalent for the Irish "Paddy" or "Bog-trotter".
"Those bloody Jocks are at it again with their whinging over the Barnett Formula and North Sea oil revenues."
by Phil McCracken December 03, 2004
Jocks are people who are at High School, who think that they are better and superior than everyone. They tend to only have about 10 friends, which are on the same sports team as them. And they walk around in groups trying to find people who are different to them, and give them insults or beat them up. And they are complete assholes if you try to talk to them.
normal guy: Hey Matt, how do you manage to do that kick?

Matt Jock: Why the fuck should I tell you? go find some friends you little twat. Your crap at sport.
by MikeDeam August 05, 2006
One that can do well, or not in sports. They tend to be around other jocks, and take showers together aswell. They think they are better than everyone around them, they get the sluts, they go to the parties. After high school, they tend to go nowhere. Now, there are good Athletes, they respect other's standards, nor do they look down upon others, smaller, or weirder.
Example: I'm emo. My cousin plays sports and hangs out with the athletes. We are completely differen't. He doesn't care how I look, he thinks it's kinda cool, but he would never do it, And 'most' of his friends don't care either, they like me for who I am, not what I look like.

Me: Hey, whats up?

Jock: Haha, fag. Go cut yourself.
Me: Hey, whats up?

True athlete: Nothing really, how are you?
by TheEmoKid June 28, 2006
The dick head who always shows up and ruins your game when you meet a hot chick
Me: ...Yea the operation was hard and I had a 5% chance of survival.
Hot Chick: Oh my god were you scared?!
Jock out of no where: What are you doing with this loser. Lets go for a ride (piece of shit rice burner) bitch.
Hot Chick: Uhh...OK!
by Gatman March 31, 2006
slang word for a person from Scotland
"that fella is a jock, he's just like Franco Begbie !"
by dog March 08, 2004
Someone who plays lots of sports at school and tends to base their life around competition.
I hate jocks. They think winning is everything.
by refuze May 23, 2005
to jock; to cop; to copy what one other says or does
1) he just jocked me!
2) Aint jock a nigga like me style
3) Jay is a jock
by sloponaknob88 April 17, 2003

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