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A guy who participates in sports. Usually an arrogant bastard who is popular. They usually listen to gangster rap and think they are black. They also think the world would blow itself up if they weren't popular and are fucking rich. They usually own ricers, or fast cars that their parents bought them. They usually have a sister that is a chearleeder who is also popular. He usually fucks her and other cheerleaders.

In other words, an arrogant dumbass who thinks he is DA KING OF DA WORLD.
It's the coolest job to me.....
by DJ-BILLZ March 13, 2005
In the case of school:
A man who is highly interested in athletics to the point where it dominates his life. Characterized by assholes with competitive attitudes. Usually social elite, jocks often date/fuck cheerleaders and other high level social elite females who are always either highly attractive or rich.
In the case of adulthood:
Jocks usually join national assiociations such as the NBA or NFL. Usually, these athletes cheat on their wifes, are dishonest, and occasionally, commit crimes and get away with them.
Note: Female athletes cannot be classified as jocks. There are extraordinarily few females that have the jerkish personality the male athletes have.
Members of the football, baseball, soccer, basketball teams or any dangerous contact sport.
All male, professional athletes.
by Talisman August 16, 2003
A jock is a young male whose entire life revolves around proving that he is superior to everone else, hence, the involvement in competitive sports. Jocks are trained to trample on other people without feeling any remorse. Some females can be jocks, too. The important thing is NOT that they are actually good at sports, but that they ernestly believe that they are superior and that they act that way. They, of course, have their circle of friends (as many as possible, so as to show everyone how "friendly" they are and to make themselves feel good) who they do acknowledge as nearly their equals. But anybody else is dirt beneath their feet and not worthy to even speak to them.
You see them everywhere. Some stop being jocks after high school, when they find out they really weren't that great after all, even in their chosen sport. Others remain jocks throughout college, or welding school, or whatever. Some remain jocks into their thirties and beyond. By then, it has nothing to do with sports. It's all in the attitude as, of course, it always was.
by Varbir March 30, 2006
Usually the biggest asshole(s) in your school. Most of the teachers adore them. They tend to not get into trouble for something that if you did, you'd be raped inside out. Jocks usually yell, make noise, hot ditsy girls usually go for them, cut in line and do just about everything else thats totally uncalled for. Jocks also push you around, but then their day comes when they played football and wrestled all their high school days, and I step out side, and my lawn is freshly mowed, and the same jock who was an asshole then, and still is, is putting his lawn mower back on his truck and telling me "Good Morning Sir".
Principal: "Your not a jock!!!! YOU ARE NOTHING!!!!"

Student: "Yes sir (sadly)...i'll only go to Yale and become very wealthy and have a great life."

Principal: "YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT!!!! .......Now....I will molest you."

Student: "Noooo no I'll change.....I will....I wanna have gay locker room sex with the other football players!!!!"
by Crack Head August 10, 2007
1.to copy
2.to really like someone
3.to have your balls in a girl's mouth.
"why you jockin my shoes?"
"im jockin that asian girl."
by joe May 01, 2004
Athlete who is defined by being a dickweed, usually drives fast cars that their parents bought them (see prep). Try to be very manly and strong when in fact, they have less balls than britney spears.
"those goddamn jocks are out again, that goth kid says he's going to try to shoot one"
by sir-j February 25, 2004
jocks, waste their time thinking that they will someday be a professional footballer without actually bothering to try in games or anywhere off the school team.

they are big headed, arrogant and often chavy. they only hang around with other jocks and chavs. they pick on the younger years in school (such as year sevens and year eights). they tend to be year 10s or 11s and think they rule high school (middle school for USA) (wake up call they don't)! they walk around getting in peoples way and ignoring them, making it very difficult to get through the hall ways! they are often late for form as they have been hanging around on the school field not necessarily playing sport. they only date cheerleaders or plastics.

they wear chavy clothes or school colors and can be like the chavs violent.
music wise they tend to like pop music and rap and cannot imagine a time past 2005 producing any good music and therefor banishing good bands from there play lists from as early as the year 2000

jocks tend not to aspire to anything after high school and tend to work in a department store or more likely in the local corner shop because the small amount a physical talent they had was wasted with not enough practise and they were relying on that talent to get a good job so have not bothered with their school work so it would be better to just stay away from them!
teacher: who wants to aspire to anything in later life

*most put their hands up*

teacher: OK then, who does not know what aspire means

*jocks put their hands up and then go back to texting*
by spethy1 July 13, 2010