A guy who has no purpose in life other than to play a single sport, and pick on the odd kid.
The jock at my high school talks about how awesome kicking someones ass for no reason, and picks on whoever is not the same as everyone else, or does not think they are awesome. Likes to talk about how awesome getting their bones and others bones broken is.
by Cogitator August 09, 2008
A big athlete with a small ass brain. Usually an arrogant asshole, making everyone feel like nothing. Likes to bone cheerleaders, as well as fellow teammates. Seemingly popular in high school, but goes nowhere after graduation. Ends up either working fast food and/or drunk for a living. The epitome of loser.
Regular: Look at Jim, hes got an STD and failed his senior year. What a dumbass jock.
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
"She couldn't stay off my jock."
by x January 22, 2003
A fucking idiot. -.-
See above.
by Silver January 17, 2004
A jock is someone who's athletic and is "popular". Jocks usually despise nerds and nerds usually despise jocks.
God those jocks are so stupid.
by a thing October 11, 2004
Noun. Brainless lumps of muscle and fat. Grow up to work at gas stations and die from morbid obeasity. See Dumbass.
It's called Karma. Jocks are popular when they're in school, but are losers when they grow up, mainly because they didn't spend any time worrying about a job other than "MVP".
by Dudeiedes January 10, 2007
a brainless idiot who's only escape from doing his homework is a sport in which he has some geeky chick whois in love with him do is homework
eww i fucking hate jocks they're fucking assholes! eww www
by darkpixie666 January 16, 2006

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