A complete douchebag. the guy that shot dimebag darrell was one, thats what happens when jocks get ahold of good music they misinterpret it.
that jock is waste of dna, gatorade should make you sterile.
by Horatio "filthy" Sanchez March 15, 2005
A complete muscle head who thinks having a life riddled with friends and women who's only good feature is the body will actually get them somewhere. One who goes out of his wasy to look for flaws in people. Is always trying to look cool by wearing the latest style.
read the above
by Bill June 18, 2004
Opposite of nerd. Nerds can't be jocks and vice versa, since jocks usually have little or no interest in books and nerds have little or no interest in gyms.
-Dude, have you ever saw Erik Everhard face ?
Nah. Who's that ?
He's a male pornstar and he looks like one of them jocks, who are spending years in a gym and not caring about anything except for sex with slutty girls. He probably read only one book in his entire life and that was the one dedicated to proper masturbation techniques. Oh, and maybe the one called "Lowering Your IQ To Zero"
by Alastis March 24, 2006
A term used by English people to insult a Scottishman.
I'm not going to that pub up in Glasgow, it's full of jocks!

by Craig June 15, 2004
people who will mess with you in a crowd but wont do shit. just embarrass them once and they'll leave you alone for good. The true pussies of society, really stupid a lot of the time so there easy victims when it comes to crime, need to enjoy high school because life's going to butt fuck them soon enough.
jock 1. dude i am going to fuck with that dude with long hair and the slayer shirt over (aka metal head).
jock 2. yeah do it he seems like a easy target.
jock 1. hey pussy give me your wallet.
metal head. pulls out razor hidden in sleeve at cuts jock 1.
metal head. what did you just learn? give me your wallet pussy and never fucking let me see your face or i cut you up so bad your own mom wont recognize you.
jock 1. Shits pants drops wallet and runs
jock 2. also Shits self and runs.
jocks are all dick suckers
by metalheadstranger December 21, 2010
A guy who lives and breathes sports, loves "getting some" from the ladies, but cannot be commited to a relationship because sports are too important to them. They are usually ass holes who take things for granted. Things not dealing with sports can only hold their attention for 2 minutesie. sex
Jake has played baseball all his life and wants to go to the majors, anything not having to deal with Baseball is rubbish.
by Pam January 23, 2004
A clique that consists of dumbass muscle-headed teenaged males that are real good at sports. They're the type that are real arrogant and hypocritical. They usually get all the hot chicks, and often frown upon the weak. They are the main reason why there are so many teenaged suicides today. Non-jocks cannot get chicks, because chicks only like the stupid macho jocks. This gets non-jock very depressed, pestimistic, andd even suicidal. The jock usually listens to rap music considering it's the popular genre. Though when he gets older, the jock will probably have a shitty job and make minimum wage.
Fuck you, stupid faggot jock! Thanks to you and you shitty clique, I can't get any. I hope you's all die and burn in hell, assholes!
by Scott McCullough September 24, 2005
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