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Scots, Faeces, rubbish.
Ah'm gonnae jobby masel. That film wis pure jobby. C'mere ya wee jobby. Or for instance, tartin' up hooses in a cooncil scheme: "Aye well, ye cannae polish a jobby".
by Pedro March 04, 2004
A Scots term for the brownish substance excreted from ones anus when the bowels are full or after a spicy cuisine.
Also the term for something that is disapproved of/ rubbish.
"Who left that stinkin jobby in er"
"I canny flush 'is jobby away it's jist floatin 'er"
"The TV is pure jobby tonight"
"Keep yir jobby to yerself"
"Away and jobby yer pants ya big jobby-bum"
"Ma jobby wis jobby, i need another"
"that curry was jobby"
by Boab Bowroad October 11, 2004
Scottish for poo.
Also used in phrases such as
"yah jobby" meaning "you stupid person"
by jobby March 12, 2003
Noun: A brown, smelly substance excreted from the anus. Also known as turd, crap, shit, poop, toly, etc...

A crappy person.

Verb: to do a jobby.
See you ya jobby! Whit you daein jobbyin in ma fuckin hoose! Ah'm gonnae jobby on you!
by Clarence the gay jobby October 31, 2003
originally a Scottish slang name for faeces (poo). Used to describe something or someone that is disliked by someone.
she thinks he's a pile of jobbies.

what a pile of jobbies.
by A D August 13, 2007
1) a poo poo
a word usually used by a weyne
brown / beige (not chocolate)

2) insult
"nanny, please can you wipe my bottom, i've done a smelly jobby which is squidgy and stuck to my fingers."

"stop showing my granny your nipples you big jobby"

by jobbyjobby December 20, 2005
faeces the passing of excrement through the anus.
ooh my stomach is sore I think I may need a few jobbies
by Helen Gunn August 30, 2006
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