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Scottish slang for shite, quite possibly the funniest word ever made.
"A wee beige jobby, floating there, smiling at you!"
by AxelS September 17, 2013
To have a special opportunity and do absolutely nothing with it.
"I came into a bit of money recently but I went and Billy Gunn'd the lot".
by AxelS September 17, 2013
Famous Chinese footballer who has played for several ailing Scottish football teams in a bid to turn their fortunes around.
"I hear Rovers have a new Chinese player, Win Wan Soon".
by AxelS September 17, 2013
Someone who edits film professionally. By professionally this means torrenting Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere and uploading whatever crap you've made onto YouTube, like a pro!

Normally found annoying post production houses begging for work, whilst genuine candidates get lumped in with them.
"So what do you do?"
"I'm a film editor".
"Oh, has you done anything that's been on TV?"
by AxelS September 17, 2013
"I'm going to write a film about being on the dole, it's what every filmmaker does for some reason!"
by AxelS September 17, 2013

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