shit, excrement, stuuf that shots from your ass.
eat my jobby, do it, do it.
by jackshaw8 April 16, 2005
a term used 2 discribe a poo poo, or someone that is being really annoying!
"see you ya wee jobby, im gonne bust you"
by gillian July 24, 2003
something you do while reading
I need a jobby. Got anything good to read?
by mickmoo February 20, 2004
another name for shit.
go and jobby yourself you rubbish shitjobby
by john July 13, 2003
When your job is so much fun that it feels less like work and more like a hobby.
Sometimes I feel guilty getting paid this obscene amount for my jobby. It's so much fun that I'd probably do it for free.
by Michael Stupidiotic3 June 11, 2009
Cutesy Mom word for a bowel movement, as in 'doing your job'.
Did you go jobby or just a peeps?
by Mickey Bitsko September 13, 2007
A smelly,browny-greeny mixture of food that slops out of your anus and leaves your stomach feeling fresh.
oh that jobby wiz fuckin guid...noo ma belly feels empty.
by Boab December 02, 2003
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