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An very good-looking actor who has been in many movies in which he was wonderful. He is sometimes credited as Leaf Phoenix. He also has very captivating eyes.
"So, have you seen and good movies lately?"
"Yeah, I saw 'Parenthood' with Joaquin Phoenix when he was younger, and he was soooo cute!"
by red_rose September 04, 2005
A really wicked awesome man who's in movies. Such as The Villiage, Signs, Ladder 49, Buffalo Soldiers, etc. He's extremely talented and a wonderful actor.
Girl: Hey, did you see Joaquin Phoenix in that new movie?.....He's so hot!
Me: No man, he's totally wicked....
by the_pizza_lady July 23, 2005
A once great actor who basically said "Fuck this shit" and grew a kickass beard and started a new rap career. Joaquin went on David Letterman and totally fucked his shit up, he put gum under the dude's table didn't watch or talk about a movie he starred in and had a nervous tick. His performances are out of this world also, while Joaquin was rapping he walked straight off a stage and fell to the ground like air was ground or something. In another performance Joaquin let niggas know what was good when he wrecked this dude for heckling him on stage. His debut album is set to drop in 09'
Hey did you see Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman last night?

Yeah, why did he look like a hobo and looked like he didn't want to be there?

Cuz he's G Bro!
by roc18 March 13, 2009
Actor, Golden Globe Winner and modelizer
Girl 1: I heard that Joaquin Phoenix is dating Eva Mendes.
Girl 2: No, it's just a rumor. Joaquin only dates models.
by Sweet Mandy May 19, 2006
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