A Jizzard is a Blizzard made out of Jizz. It may also refer to a parody of The Blizzard of Oz, The Jizzard of Drake. for an example
Ozzy:"Hey man, have you listened to my Blizzard of Oz album?"
Zakk:"Yeah, I have, but I prefer the Jizzard of Zakk, haha."
#bjizzard #jizard #jizzshard #jizzhard #hizzard.
by UncleJizzy April 04, 2010
Top Definition
1. A lizard covered in semen, or 'jizz'
2. A blizzard made out of jizz.
3. A wizard that excels in acts of wizardry combined with jizz.
1. 'Billy looked at the jizzard... and he knew he was at the wrooong side of town.'

2. 'Suddenly a jizzard appeared and after hours of unspeakable suffering Billy was left weakened and broken on the ground.'

3. 'Hello young hobbit, do you seek 'adventure'?' Asked the Jizzard.
#jizz #8===d #marijuana #weed #smokey wizard
by 1921 May 08, 2011
The reason the world will end in 2012. Dairy Queen's overpriced products will trigger DQ product designers to desperately create a mixture of porn and ice cream to promote sales: the "Jizzard." The resulting atrocity will herald the collapse of the Earth's civilizations.
I would like a number 69 with an Oreo Breasticle Jizzard instead of the Pepsi.

Thanks, that'll be 6.90 at the window.
#2012 #ice cream #pepsi #apocalypse #capitalism
by Mighara June 23, 2010
A slang term for Wizard, relating to "jizz", a slang term for semen.
...and the magical jizzard cast a spell on the entire town of North Fattyus Assius.
by Crabtree March 25, 2004
The act of one man ejaculating into/onto another mans penis while the other does the same.
"Last night my boyfriend and I had a jizzard in the public bathroom
#cumdumpster #jizard #jizzard #jizzards #gay
by Gahd February 18, 2014
a person who performs indiscriminate blowjobs. a slut. figuratively drunk on semen. (akin to drunkard)
Get off my jock, you jizzard. You blew my buddy Tony not five minutes ago!
by d0rk May 24, 2004
A spermacious lizard
Upside-down umbrellas with sperm sidewiders contain jizzards.
#lizard #sperm #reptile #jenny #byrne
by Orly's October 04, 2005
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