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3 definitions by Mighara

Something so delicious you go, "OMG!" to it (IRL).
OMFG, that cum-based mayonnaise spread was so frickin' omgelicious!
by Mighara November 03, 2010
Slash (fictional guy paired up with another fictional guy) fiction, indiscriminately organized.
I'm writing omnislash fiction about Gordon Freeman and Master Chief kthxbai.
by Mighara November 03, 2010
The reason the world will end in 2012. Dairy Queen's overpriced products will trigger DQ product designers to desperately create a mixture of porn and ice cream to promote sales: the "Jizzard." The resulting atrocity will herald the collapse of the Earth's civilizations.
I would like a number 69 with an Oreo Breasticle Jizzard instead of the Pepsi.

Thanks, that'll be 6.90 at the window.
by Mighara June 23, 2010