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1) Attractive female that is readily available as a seminal receptacle.
2) One that does not mind swallowing man juice.
3) Promiscuous woman.
4) Derogatory term for a woman.

See also: Cum bag, Cum bucket,
1) Paris Hilton's middle name is Jizzabelle.
2) I know this chick, Ann, she's quie the Jizzabelle.
3) What? Mike's girlfriend had sex with another 2 men in the bathroom stall of the Berlin Olympic Stadium again? That Jizzabelle...
4) Are you drunk yet? I wanna go out and find me some Jizzabelle for the night!
by Jismoitekk the Enforcer August 11, 2006
56 22
Jizzabelle is one of the lead singers for the most awesome band in the world, CVT. CVT will blow your mind, so much so, that you'll probably die. It'll be worth it though. A typical CVT show consists of rabid badgers, demons, the most awesome music ever, doom and the like. Other members include Aquawhore, Silky, Donx, The Touchy Priest and Johnny D., head of Ninja security.
Dude, Jizzabelle just totally made my intestines split open with her teasing and brain-melting screaming, but I love her and CVT Rools!
by Nicoleacvt October 26, 2007
31 21