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CVT (Contently Violent Threshold) is the most awesome band in the world. It was formed in 2006 in Syracuse, NY, NYC and Hell. Influences include GWAR, ICP, demons, Mozart and Genitorturers. A typical venue must be ready for various medieval torture devices, including, but not limited to, the ball and chain, small and painful cages and the pear of anguish. A typical CVT show consists of rabid badgers, porcupines, brain-splitting guitar riffs and random acts of nudity. Fans love CVT so much that they are willing to die at a show, and that would be just fine with the band.

Band members include:

The Touchy Priest
Johnny D., head of Ninja security
Man, I can’t wait for the CVT show tonight. I’ve got my flesh all shined up and ready. CVT Rools!
by Nicoleacvt January 08, 2008
A town in texas, better known as Centerville. CenterVille Texas. The REALEST TOWN EVA!!!!!!!
1. Did juanita go to CVT today?
2. There's a game in CVT.
3. I heard CVT is pretty awesome!
by Jery February 13, 2007
Clearly Visible Thong
Andrea's see-through pants created the condition of a CVT
by pinkboxerguy August 07, 2005
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