a crack headddddddddddddddd.
jimmy is a crack head.
by d0do June 16, 2008
1. a name to call your penis when tiny dancer.. and pork sword doesnt work.
2. an irish drunk.. with alot of names.
3. one having a large vocabulary.
4. one who makes fun of crazy ex-boyfriends.. haha bean dip.
1. "dude.. little jimmy hasnt been performing lately.."
"dude, i know a guy.. mike, you remember.. that one time from that party.. creeping on that one girl/bhayy.. yeah hes got stuff to help that."
2. "dude.. jimmys walking off the road,"
"yeah maybe its cause he's an irish drunk.."
"lets call him by his other names.."
3. "i love it when paige uses small words.."
"yeah man shes so not a jimmy.. unlike natalie.. who is a large jimmy."
4. "dude that creep just touched your boob.."
"yeah thats my ex boyfriend. and thats called bean dipping."
"haha BEAN DIP!!"
by bhayyandnatalieee April 03, 2008
another word for someon who is acting like a bitch
quit acting like such a Jimmy!
by fitstrider February 03, 2008
The fatty area above an older woman's vagina, causing a large ripple when tight jeans are worn. Also, slang for vagina.
"Yes I'm on my own in the line, except for me Jimmy here."
by nothingtonothing April 15, 2007
A way you your parents will never know your talking about Weed, a codename if you will. Also like freddy alchol rolf harris ecstacy, and bailney mushrooms. Come up with more or other ones. But Be SAFE:D
"Oh Man, I hung out with Jimmy last night, and I didn't even know where we were"
by Josh McSkimming July 14, 2006
a portable flash or jump drive
"Rip those files to the jimmy."
by Davezilla May 18, 2006
A jackass or simpleton.
I went down to the DMV today....you wouldn't believe the jimmy that waited on me.
by BenjH May 17, 2006

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