One who lacks mentally stability and comprehension. And one who is a very arrogrant and stuck up Greek.
Johnny: So Toby are you having fun reading that book?
Toby: I don't know i can't comprehend the book.
Johnny: Your such a Jimmy.
(Toby walks away in tears)
Johnny: There goes that Jimmy.
by L. South January 24, 2007
A slang term for slut. Derived from a boy who had a good heart but was a manwhore. Often a joking term for slut, not a hateful one.
"Did you see him talking to that girl? She was ALL over him..."
"He can't help it. He's such a jimmy."
by 949494lovahhhh October 16, 2009
jimmy is another word for a wank, in cockney ryming slang a "jimmy yank" or wank
i just had a quick jimmy in the shower!
by jimmy yank November 28, 2007
1: A random name you make up when you can't think of anything.

2: Slang for pick.

3: A name.
1: It was all......uhh.....Jimmy's fault!

2: Hang on a sec while I jimmy the lock.

3: Hey Jimmy.
by Ruler of the World October 05, 2006
Person 1; He Doesn't Like Doing It With A Jimmy
by Kayzz99 December 12, 2013
The very sexy and crazy member of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's phrase ''NO! Jimmy Protested!''

Who Jimmy is, nobody knows. It shall remain a mystery.

Person 1; ''Who actually is 'Jimmy'?'
Person 2; ''Er, I think it's Louis' moob or something.. Maybe he named Kevin's cousin Jimmy..''
by Harry's Girl... April 23, 2013
Horny but applicable to girls because saying horny isn't lady-like
"I'm feeling a little jimmy, are you down to ya know...?"
"Ugh I haven't gotten any action in like a week... i'm so jimmy"
"Yo i can tell that chick is so jimmy, she wants the D"
by Malykz December 06, 2012

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