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The act of gently massaging or furiosly rubbing the female clitoris. Usually used as a precursor to finger treats. Can be performed as a single act or with 1 or more partners also known as a jimmy jam jam but in such situation must be immediately followed by the finger treat for full effect. It is good practice to give the jimmy jam just before surprise sex
Paul couldn't get it up so he jimmy jam.
Ting enjoys the jimmy jam more the cock so she jimmy jams it every day.
Dan gave her the jimmy jam and then oops pound surprised her.
by boondocks5 September 12, 2007
When you do something so dumb or forget something of major importance that it gets you into a JimmyJam.
"OMG Bro, I was candy flipping, at the festival and lost all of my friends money" -Jim
"Dude are you retarded quick fucking JimmyJamming you moron." -exfriend
by karma1234 February 19, 2014
To make an attempt to screw over your friend, in particular to reneging on previously made plans.
Dude, what happened to the plans tonight? You trying to jimmy-jam me?
by Mister Mojo Risin'' June 20, 2016
A phrase coined in Essex, Maryland used to describe popular items. Can also be used to describe a people, places and things. Also known as Jimmy-jamz.
"Yo, you like my new Jimmy Jam? Them new Nike's?"
by vwguy and ileagle March 04, 2012
a pinch/dip of smokeless tobacco, preferably Skoal Mint, that lacks in size or is smaller than that of the average five year old.
Wow dude, that's not even a dip its a damn jimmy jam.

Nice jimmy jam fag, my little brother puts in bigger dips than that.
by Bullrog February 21, 2011
Name for a marijuana cigarette. Used when inviting a friend to a social smoke.
Hey Joe, let's go fire up a Jimmy Jam.
by Frenchyfuqua January 12, 2012
A difficult or problematic situation, usually created by circumstances beyond your control.
When the boss wanted my report by noon instead of 5 pm, I found myself in a real jimmy jam.
by DRP80 November 04, 2006
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