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Rare Irish name so will inevitably be coupled with a stereotypical paddy surname and a heavy drinker! People with this name are usually, more often than not, complete and utter legends!
Hello, Kilian, top of the morning to ya!
by chubachubs March 30, 2009
Usually a guy who smokes a shitload of weed.
Nice to hang around with.
Example 1:

A: "Yo, Kilian! How long does it take before a pound of weed goes bad?"
Kilian: "I don't know, I've never had it for longer than an hour."

Example 2:

Question: What is Kilian's idea of a balanced diet?
Answer: A joint in each hand.
by KiliansGF November 02, 2011
Smartest and coolest guy anyone will meet. He is very tall and attractive, and he very friendly. He is not a wanna-be like his friends, he's always just himself.
Girl:"OMG I just met a Kilian and he was so cray-cray adorbs!"

Other girl:"OMG your so lucky, I wish I was you!"(faints)
by TypicalGuy5 December 11, 2013