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Rare Irish name so will inevitably be coupled with a stereotypical paddy surname and a heavy drinker! People with this name are usually, more often than not, complete and utter legends!
Hello, Kilian, top of the morning to ya!
by chubachubs March 30, 2009
Smartest and coolest guy anyone will meet. He is very tall and attractive, and he very friendly. He is not a wanna-be like his friends, he's always just himself.
Girl:"OMG I just met a Kilian and he was so cray-cray adorbs!"

Other girl:"OMG your so lucky, I wish I was you!"(faints)
by TypicalGuy5 December 11, 2013
Usually a guy who smokes a shitload of weed.
Nice to hang around with.
Example 1:

A: "Yo, Kilian! How long does it take before a pound of weed goes bad?"
Kilian: "I don't know, I've never had it for longer than an hour."

Example 2:

Question: What is Kilian's idea of a balanced diet?
Answer: A joint in each hand.
by KiliansGF November 02, 2011
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