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The act of gently massaging or furiosly rubbing the female clitoris. Usually used as a precursor to finger treats. Can be performed as a single act or with 1 or more partners also known as a jimmy jam jam but in such situation must be immediately followed by the finger treat for full effect. It is good practice to give the jimmy jam just before surprise sex
Paul couldn't get it up so he jimmy jam.
Ting enjoys the jimmy jam more the cock so she jimmy jams it every day.
Dan gave her the jimmy jam and then oops pound surprised her.
by boondocks5 September 12, 2007
The act of inserting usually 2 (but can be as many as 5) fingers into a prepped va jaja usually by warming up with the jimmy jam. Can also be used on one's self but is slightly more difficult then the jimmy jam. Unless you have knuckle draggers.
I was going to give her the finger treats to feed the monster but she wanted the cock.
by boondocks5 September 12, 2007
Hooking up with a member of the opposite sex on Sundays for nothing other then sex. Usually begins with the jimmy jam and can be followed up with the surprise sex on Monday if it is a holiday.
Dan enjoys sloppy sundays with Sarah
by boondocks5 November 02, 2007

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