One of the famous excuses to kill people.Those who belive it have a notion that god loves humans massacring each other,and they have to act in place of God to punish evil-doers.
Practically,a false concept in Islam fabricated to give an OK sign for Muslim fanatics to go rape and pillaging other countries during the past,and now to commit terrible acts of terrorism and genocide...even if the victims were fellow Muslims too.
Jihad was not even in the Quran you dope!
by horseyrain January 08, 2005
Jihad, widely but perhaps loosely translated as 'struggle', a religious word that on a personal level is a spiritual struggle on a small-scale eveyday matter, the Jihad results in a form of abstinence, so to place a Jihad on selling drugs, is to recognise the immorality of the action, remind oneself not to sell drugs, or abstain from selling drugs if one already does so.
To rid yourself from an evil as such.
Religious Extremists might, I suppose, take the 'ridance of an evil' to such levels as a war on Infidels/corrupt Western civilisation but I have never met a Fundamentalist Muslim Extremist and so would not know.
I put a Jihad on Racists, I will avoid them and rid myself of racist thoughts or ideas.

I put a Jihad on Kentucky Fried chicken

My Dad thought it would be best to put a Jihad on my Religious Extremist Boyfriend, hence him not being allowed in our house.

I put a Jihad on farts.
#religion #holy #race #creed #farts
by Annitahspv June 28, 2006
A holy war being waged on all non-muslim people but especially aimed at western powers and member states of NATO by war mongering idiots intent on world domination by their faith because they view it as their "allah" given right. Comically these fuck-wits are actually blowing up innocent civilians along with sentencing their own people to death by suicide which makes them just as bad if not worse as the so called infidels.

Smell the coffee you dumb bastards..........your practically American!
That dumb jihad fuck who had shares in McDonalds refused to blow up his local McCafe even though technically it stood for everthing he allegedly disagreed with about the west!
#war #idiots #allah #innocent #infidel #nato
by allthingsnice October 21, 2010
the act of taking a big poo
"Dude I just went jihad on your toilet"
#poo #shit #poop #crap #log
by skaterdude409 February 25, 2006
More than one Jihad; multiple holy wars.

Also, a word that will likely give you an uncontested victory over your feeble-minded opponents in Scrabble.
When Molly used the word Jihads in Scrabble, Colton got so angry he threw a fit, flung the Scrabble board across the room, and promised perpetual Jihads against her and her family.
#jihad #holy war #victory #scrabble #religion
by Frogmartian June 14, 2010
an irrational, mindless quest for revenge, derived from the Islamic term for struggle.
"Ever since he got ripped off he's been on a jihad"
#vengeance #revenge #vigilantism #violence #hate
by Rattus cattus June 29, 2006
A word that apparently used to mean something peaceful in Arabic according to the erudite advocates of the peaceful version of Islam. The correlation between exploding buildings and the word jihad today suggests that it has become something different. Much like a holy war. Or a path towards tranquility... in the form of jihadis (not to be confused with jedis) treading over the dead bodies of those who never wished evil upon them. Most importantly, it's a word we should use playfully to piss off the political correctness pundits and the assholes who believe it will benefit them in the afterlife to kill innocent people.
"I'm gonna put a jihad on you if you don't give me some tots."

"Dirka dirka mohammad jihad. Dirka dirka." - Team America
by Flash June 11, 2005
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