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Arabic Translation = Holy War
somehow they get "kill americans and jews and canadians and christians and europeans and clowns and doctors and soldiers and crippled people and computer technicians and coal miners and blind people and infants/toddlers and children and pre teens and teenagers and young adults and adults and women going through metapause and old men/all senior citizens..."
Iraqi 1: Jihad!
Iraqi 2: Down with the Americans, and clowns and doctors and computer technicians...
by Ozmaster Kolbsausage March 15, 2007
a force coming to kick your ass; a revenge from somone irritable
If you don't belive me, then I'll put a Jihad on your ass.
by Connor Mason October 02, 2007
jihad: Traditionally the definition was to retaliate against an enemy or injustice for religious Islamic reasons, but modern use by non-Muslims have used the word sarcastically to describe retaliation against an enemy for any purpose.
"My friend told me she was at a bar in L.A. and she heard Bob say, "If I don't get my next drink soon; I'm going to jihad this place!!!"
by Justin2100 September 28, 2007
1. a holy war
2. a funny word that sounds like arab talk and cartman likes to say it

fag---let go on a jihad...

funny arab guy with a bomb---jihad jihad durka durka gerkamal
by calvizzal October 04, 2006
A very appealing philosophy from the middle east.
"Jihad me at hello."
by TheNameIWantedWasTaken October 24, 2007
Contrary to popular beleif it does not mean "Holy War" that is right, those commercials lied to you. It's an Arabic word that means to struggle for a greater good.
Fasting is an example of Hajj
by Awesomeaida February 21, 2005
Just In Her Ass Dude
Ugly Bitch: Hey baby, wanna fuck
by SRPWRX November 05, 2005