Holy islamic war where extremist radical islamic groups brainwash sex-deprived teenage boys by promising them 72 virgins in heaven if they become a terrorist martyr and blow themselves up.
"Man... I'm so horry i'm gonna do jihad and strap a bomb to myself and blow up a bus so I can get my 72 virgins."
by rompastomp December 26, 2014
A controversial Islamic practice which, contrary to popular belief, does not strictly refer to holy war, but taken literally means “to struggle”. In the Qu’ran it refers to an internal struggle inside everyone between the desire to enjoy the pleasures of this world, or to seek God’s will. When an Islamic cleric declares “It is the duty of all true Muslims to wage Jihad against the infidel”, what he most often means is “it is the duty of all true Muslims to struggle against the ways, practices, ethics and morals of the infidel”. In modern times this usually means that Muslim youth need to struggle against the West’s commercialization and perversion of certain subjects, such as sex for example. They’re calling they’re followers to boycott Western movies that show and promote indecent exposure, to boycott CD’s which promote and un-Islamic way of life, (usually gangsta rap, rock and roll and pop) and they encourage their ladies to wear the hajaff or beka out of modesty and so as not to lead Muslim gentlemen into temptation and impure thoughts.
"It is the duty of all true Muslims to wage jihad against the infidels."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
jihad is more of a misguided ideology rather than a struggle torwards god .Jihad is a condition that results from years of brainwashing people into believing that you must fight those who are not like you. mohammed says fight those who are non believers
man since he is not arabic , we should jihad his ass
by the horror of war,i ve seen March 05, 2006
Terrorism. Or a wicked funny short video of common clips from videos with some sort of terrorist reference. Example: "allahu Akbar! " explosion
That was a funny jihad on instagram
by I'm_not_jewish April 13, 2015
The word Jihad comes from the root word jahada, which means to struggle. At the individual level, jihad primarily refers to the inner struggle of being a person of virtue and submission to God in all aspects of life
Terrorism is usually defined as ideologically motivated indiscriminate violence that targets civilians, with the intention of inspiring terror in order to achieve political ends. Although this definition ignores the reality of state terrorism, it is clear that terrorism has no place in the noble concept of Jihad. Even Jihad that involves physical conflict is the very antithesis of terrorism, as is clear from the following differences:

1. Jihad can be launched only by an established authority as a policy in order to deter aggression. Terrorism, on the other hand, is committed by individuals or groups that have no legitimacy to speak for the majority. When terrorism is committed by states, it usually depends on misleading the masses.
2. Jihad is limited to combatants while terrorism involves indiscriminate killing of civilians.
3. Jihad, when the need arises, is declared openly, while terrorism is committed secretly.
4. Jihad is bound by strict rules of engagement while terrorism is not bound by any rules.
by whyislam.org October 16, 2010
When you're angry with your girlfriend, after she falls asleep, cum on her forehead, and stick the pillowcase to it. When she wakes up, it will be stuck to her face like a muslim head wrap kimar.
Last night my girl pissed me off, so when she fell asleep I gave her that good jihad. She looked like a muslim chick when she woke up.
by Feezie January 06, 2008
Jihad literally means "to struggle." In the military sense it is meant in the context, "to struggle against oppression." Jihad is therefore an act to liberate people from the oppression of tyrants. Jihad is not illegal acts of terror against innocent people.

When tabloid journalism and fanatic regimes mistakenly inform the masses that Jihad is "to commit illegal acts of terror," they are revealing their ignorance, the lack of their research, and the extent of their unprofessional & deceitful approach to the subject.
Many Muslums believe that there is a Jihad against the United States, Globalization, etc.
by Ryan McNamara November 25, 2003
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