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Allahu akbar
simply means God is the greatest.
Muslims use this term all time time, for prayers, for praise purposes, innocent purposes not terrorist purposes.
Hassan is about to praying and says "Allah ackbar"
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 11, 2007
Jihad in Islam means "struggle" either struggle of being a good muslim i.e not drinking or having pre marital sex or jihad as in 'holy war' IF and only IF non muslims are out to murder muslims and destroy Islamic beliefs. Then it is permissable in Islam to do holy war...
A muslim country living a peaceful life and if the enemies come to disturb the Islam religion(murder, enforcing their religion and beliefs) and peace can they fight and do Jihad
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 11, 2007
Muslims, people who belong to the religion Islam, the religion of peace. Good, smiley people that will help you out any time, doesnt turn our back on ya cause we fear God (Allah's) wrath. Doesnt descriminate people for race nor religion, tolerent, kind people. Unfortunately Muslims have been portrayed anything but good folk, but they are good folk.
A whole bunch of students studying for their exams. Girl with long Head scarfe comes in the group of freinds and they welcome her, and one guy asks for her help, she helps him.

Another girl is late and has no credit on her phone, asks a guy who happens to have a beard (not too long just right) and asks to borrow his phone. Without a hesitation he lets her call her freind. The girl asks the guy if he is a muslim cause she recognises the beard( some muslim guys choose to grow the beard cause the prophet Muhhammed grew a beard, keeping in mind its suppose to be a handful and not long and dirty) the guy says "yes"
a few examples of what muslims do
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 11, 2007
Islam - means peace and submission or surrender to God, and means peace so Islam is the religion of peace. A religion that wants whats good for mankind and wants evil away from mankind...

Example :

boy : hi what natio are you?
girl: im a turk
boy : u muslim? arent turks muslims
girls: yepz...im muslim
boy: oh okies...its a pity about the media portraying muslims badly eh?
girl: yea
boy: cos i know you for a few weeks and your nothing like those extremists
girl: cos Islam is da religion of peace, we (muslims) are not alowed to even hurt a fly...
boy: Islam means peace and surrender yea?
girl : yepz
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 12, 2007

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