When you're angry with your girlfriend, after she falls asleep, cum on her forehead, and stick the pillowcase to it. When she wakes up, it will be stuck to her face like a muslim head wrap kimar.
Last night my girl pissed me off, so when she fell asleep I gave her that good jihad. She looked like a muslim chick when she woke up.
by Feezie January 06, 2008
an negative exclamation. said with a raised voice. emphasis on second syllable. developed soon after 9/11 in order to take a word precious to extremists and use it in a derogatory manner.
Billy: "Jihad!"

Billy's Mom: "What happened, honey? Are you all right?"

Billy: "yeah, I just stubbed my toe."
by Superfreak77f September 16, 2009
when something is considered super cool or trendy. all the rage..."all the kids are doing it".
dude 1: "man..i'm sick of all this Twilight crap!"

dude 2: "what are you talking about...vamps are SO jihad right now!"
by jf37 January 27, 2010
Jihad in Islam means "struggle" either struggle of being a good muslim i.e not drinking or having pre marital sex or jihad as in 'holy war' IF and only IF non muslims are out to murder muslims and destroy Islamic beliefs. Then it is permissable in Islam to do holy war...
A muslim country living a peaceful life and if the enemies come to disturb the Islam religion(murder, enforcing their religion and beliefs) and peace can they fight and do Jihad
by ProUdToBeAmUSLiM June 11, 2007
Arabic Translation = Holy War
somehow they get "kill americans and jews and canadians and christians and europeans and clowns and doctors and soldiers and crippled people and computer technicians and coal miners and blind people and infants/toddlers and children and pre teens and teenagers and young adults and adults and women going through metapause and old men/all senior citizens..."
Iraqi 1: Jihad!
Iraqi 2: Down with the Americans, and clowns and doctors and computer technicians...
by Ozmaster Kolbsausage March 15, 2007
jihad is a muslims or muso's version of a can of whoop ass.. It is used to describe the intensity of physical violence that will be unleashed. In theory an infidel could open only 1/2 a can of whoop ass and regulate the intensity or even leave some of it unused. But a jihad only comes in whole complete units and once unleashed must be used in its entirety.
I swear if that infidel doesn't start respecting my faith I'm gonna Jihad all over his ass...
by MrMopar August 16, 2011
an idiot, moron, or fucktard. Inspired by a level on Heroes of Might and Magic.
Other guy: Along Came Polly is a good movie.
Me: You're such a fuckin jihad.
by Colin G. September 19, 2007

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