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1. To renege on or break a deal based upon previously unexpressed or recently invented fine print, often due to unforeseen negative consequences.

2. To promote one's own self interest to the detriment of someone else to whom you have some type of loyalty or obligation.
1. Every time we make a bet, he jews out of it when he loses.

2. I'd ask him to join our group, but he'd end up jewing us over when it comes to the final grade.
by ICBomber October 29, 2007
bargaining for a lower price
Seller: The price is $100.

Buyer: I'll pay $90.

Seller: Stop jew-ing me, the price is $100!
by Dial911 June 03, 2009
when your too jewish to share a fag with someone, so you have to place it in their mouth for them, incase they 'steal it'
james: oi set me some of your grett?
ben: jewing?
james: go for it.

*places cigarette in mouth*
by xammej July 06, 2011
1. To carry a vast amount of money at one time.
Johnny was jewing today; he had 300 dollars in his wallet.
by A_Heitert March 07, 2008
Just like the word doing but with a jewish twist.
"What are you jewing with your money" said the man.
by Unknown Author or Account Name April 24, 2007
Pretending to be Jewish. Basically being an asshole, wearing those goofy glasses with the fake nose and mustache, and having a big nose.
Josh - "Let's go Jewing today!"
Hammy- "Are you high? I don't want to be a Jew."

"Tom was Jewing last night. This always happens when he is drunk"
by !@#$me July 05, 2009
a form of humiliation to all ages shown by the pointing of the jew finger(index finger on either hand) and repitively calling the name jew to the victim as shown.

Jew Jew Jew!!!!!!

lets give him a right jewing lads
lets jew that house
he jewed himself
by George Harris June 27, 2008
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