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The annual football game between rivals Cortland State and Ithaca College in upstate New York. Sports Illustrated once called it "The biggest little game in the nation." Ithaca leads the series 31-15 all time. The game is marked by the biggest party weekend for both schools.
1. "I've got 15 people visiting me AND I'm wasted at 9 AM. It must be Cortaca Jug Weekend!"

2. "Did you see the definition someone from Cortland wrote for the Cortaca Jug? It was so bad I had to edit it for grammar and correctness. Stupid state schoolers!"
by ICBomber October 14, 2006
1. To renege on or break a deal based upon previously unexpressed or recently invented fine print, often due to unforeseen negative consequences.

2. To promote one's own self interest to the detriment of someone else to whom you have some type of loyalty or obligation.
1. Every time we make a bet, he jews out of it when he loses.

2. I'd ask him to join our group, but he'd end up jewing us over when it comes to the final grade.
by ICBomber October 29, 2007
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