A car that debuted in america in 1980. All a1 jetts were produced in germany and weighed around 2000 pounds, generally lighter than 2000lbs. The car is small economical, easy to work on, and very reliable. 1984 was the last year for the a1 jetta, which could come with a 1.6 diesel, or 1.6 turbo diesel motor, each easily capable of 50+mpg. The more common jetta featured a 1.7l gas motor, and the sport model came with a peppy 1.8l jh 4 cylinder, and a close ratio 5 speed transmission. In 1985 the jetta got a redesign a little bigger, but still a jetta. Optional motors were the 1.6 diesel, 1.6 turbo diesel, and 1.6 ecodiesel, various 8v gas motors, and a 1.8 or 2.0 16v motor. in 1993 the mk3 jetta debut, really this car is extremely to heavy, and i would only ever consider an mk3 as a daily driver. anything after the mk3 is pretty useless to even think about
"that 2 door 1981 diesel jetta that key dawg owns is rather sweet"
by Key Dawg October 22, 2005
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a "zippy" Mexican-built car that has superb German engineering, first-rate interior materials, and is loaded with safety features.

Anyone who thinks the Jetta is solely a woman's car is gay. Men with sophistication drive Jettas, not stupid insecure rat bastards who wish they had as nice a car.
Don't let the funky moniker of the Jetta fool you--it's a great car.
by PW January 11, 2003
A stylishly hip automobile with a non-gender bias. Often times confused as a car strictly for women by men who are unsure of their sexuality.
There goes Jordan in his Jetta. I'm glad to see he isn't having a sexual identity crisis.
by Bungalow Bill June 28, 2002
A sedan made by Volkswagen, or the literal expression of God, the almighty.
Praise the Jetta...

Touch it.
by #4 February 01, 2005
a small compact car,which eats gas, has no center consule, is impossible to have sex in the back seat, and has a never ending smell of crayons.
"yo dawg, you smell that Jetta, bitch lookin like a 64 pack of Crayola on wheels."
by Brozzle November 08, 2007
A female New York Jets Fan. how you address another female jets fan.
Michelle, Heather and Kristine are meeting up with other Jettas at this week's tailgate.
by EL CHAPO JET MYSTERIO June 24, 2016
The Jetta is a beast european car that will eat hondas alive......rarrrrr....The VR6 with a nasty turbo will say hello and goodbye to V8's everywhere if you look in images you will see my Hungry Jetta......with the 17's
Crowd: OMG LOOK ITS A Jetta
2005 V6 mustang guy: you really think that lil ricer is gonna beat me???
Mustang Guy: holy cow i think i just soild my panties...
by Macdaddycain300 May 05, 2005
A very cool car that's fun to drive, well styled, and will fall apart after 2 or 3 years.
"I really loved my Jetta until it needed $2000 of repairs three days after the 2-year warranty expired."
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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