A VW the same size as a Golf (being built on the same chassis), slightly smaller than an A4 or a Passat (which share the same chassis as each other, but not as the Jetta), and, in fact, the same thing as an Audi TT (which has the same chassis as the Jetta).

A glorious hoax from VW to convince urban yuppies that German engineering r0x0rz. The fact is that, after owning one for some period of time, it is inevitable to come to the conclusion that the car is ghey, the engineering is ghey, and the company is ghey. I quit buying Ford products because they were ghey, but after owning a Jetta (brand new from the factory when I got it) for 40k miles, it is obviously a far more ghey car. Not to be confused with gay. Ghey. Say it with me now....ghey.
That ghey Jetta is the worst piece of crap I've ever spent money on.
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
A small, compact car that is for GIRLS ONLY. if a male is seen driving any type of jetta, he will immediately be called a douche, faggot, queer, of homosexual. If you are a male and you drive a jetta, do humanity a favor and get a new car.
"Was that a male in the driver's seat of that jetta?"

"Oh yeah. what a douchebag."
by yeeyeeyeeehyphy February 23, 2010
4 door vw that needs to die, the gayest car ever made, preferred by women and homosexuals, only availiable in automatic or dick shit, reverse gear is an optional upgrade, these cars are extremely popular in hillcrest and san fransisco.
omg look at that gay ass jetta, my skateboard goes faster than that trash
by mikeofawesometown June 15, 2009
A great car by VW which is just behind the Beetle and PT Cruiser in coolness.

With the new flip key thingmajig, the Jetta is lookin' sweet.
Kr4m3r: "I got a Jetta from my parents for free and I can't even drive yet!"
DrNick: "You jackass."
by Dr Nick November 21, 2002
VW automobile that is slightly smaller than a Passat, yet larger than a VW Golf. Like much of the VW line, the Jetta features excellent safety, a nice assortment of colors, and sturdy German engineering. unfortunately, that can't hide the fact that the Jetta is a girl's car and many guys are still driving them.
Gennady:On the road, I noticed that there are many Jetta's on the road.
Bob: yeah, so?
Gennady: Youre the only guy Ive ever seen driving one.
by Not so super DJ Gennady January 05, 2003
A crappy German import car typically driven by college students, mostly males ages 18-21.

A car bought by college yo boys mommies and daddys for them so they can better fit in.

A cheap yet trendy German piece of crap automobile that is easily customizable driven by college students who usually stick lots of meaningless bumper stickers on the back in a desperate effort to seem cooler than they really are.
Kyle's new Jetta is kickin. He properly fits in with his peers and can now live his life in the flock with all the other sheep.
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007

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