A car that debuted in america in 1980. All a1 jetts were produced in germany and weighed around 2000 pounds, generally lighter than 2000lbs. The car is small economical, easy to work on, and very reliable. 1984 was the last year for the a1 jetta, which could come with a 1.6 diesel, or 1.6 turbo diesel motor, each easily capable of 50+mpg. The more common jetta featured a 1.7l gas motor, and the sport model came with a peppy 1.8l jh 4 cylinder, and a close ratio 5 speed transmission. In 1985 the jetta got a redesign a little bigger, but still a jetta. Optional motors were the 1.6 diesel, 1.6 turbo diesel, and 1.6 ecodiesel, various 8v gas motors, and a 1.8 or 2.0 16v motor. in 1993 the mk3 jetta debut, really this car is extremely to heavy, and i would only ever consider an mk3 as a daily driver. anything after the mk3 is pretty useless to even think about
"that 2 door 1981 diesel jetta that key dawg owns is rather sweet"
by Key Dawg October 22, 2005
Character on 80's cartoon Jem who was added in the last season in a weak attempt to raise the ratings. The attempt failed miserably.
"Jetta looked like she needed a good fuck"
by Donna K. March 28, 2003
A pleasant but benign series of Volkswagen sedans designed, but not always assembled, by Germans. Notoriously thought to be wildly faster and more impressive than they are, particularly among males under 25 who have yet to drive a wide array of actual performance vehicles.

The Jetta is popular in North America (and is seen as crucial VW strategy there) because the Golf lacks a trunk, and in turn lacks a certain degree of cache among those over 25 (who think a hatchback makes them look like they're fresh out of college).

Celebration of the Jetta is a testament to a peculiar facet of the human condition that permits us to place the mundane and satisfactory on a pedestal, whenever it's all we know.
"Dude, your Jetta is not fast. A Veyron is fast."
by T. D. March 14, 2007
A car manufactured by Volkswagen (VW).
In Germany, the land of chocolate, and also the home of VW nobody ever bought a Jetta.
People buy real German cars in Germany and so we don't buy this crappy variation of our otherwise superior and super fast (talk about Autobahn) automobiles.
In the States and Canada however people think that Jettas were cool German cars so they buy them - because most of them a probably too cheap to get a Passat, A4, or A6.
American conversation:
"Hey yo so I gots them cool German wheels."
"Sweeto-meo it's them Jetta."

German conversation:
"So Heinrich I bought myself a sweet Jetta."
"Oh well Gustav you fag, I own an Audi A4 and it eats your Jetta anytime on the Autobahn."
"But...but...my Jetta does 60 mph."
"See Gustav, my A4 does 250 Km/H, which is by the way the regular travel speed of Germans. You think your 60 mph impressed me?"
by TheStatesWho? March 16, 2005
A fairly nice car that is unfortunately very popular with idiot wannabe tuners. Lots of Jetta owners will talk about nothing but how "superior German engineering" makes their car amazing and how much Civics suck, despite the fact that Jettas generally have the same amount of horsepower as Civics, if not less.
Civic driver: "Dude, I drive a Civic for the gas mileage. I know my car's not a race car, which makes me smarter than you, apparently."
by Raeuaebu June 15, 2007
A small, family sedan built by German car manufacturer Volkswagen. Jettas are pretty nice, but tend to break down after a couple of years of driving. They are usually purchased by yuppies, homosexuals, and suburban tourists who have money, but not too much money. For this reason, people sometimes refer to the Jetta as the poor man's BMW.
Look at that douchebag driving his Jetta. Who the hell does he think he is? Oh, look he has a passenger, and it's another dude... surprise, surprise...
by cokemidget July 10, 2008
A car in which Bungalow Bill has.
Bungalow Bill drives a rainbow Jetta with a yellow sunroof and a bumper sticker that says "I'm Gay".
by Green Giant November 19, 2002

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