A highly obnoxious person who never shuts up about Jesus, God, church, or any combination of these. They constantly try to convert people to their religion, and often mistake politeness as an agreement to join their cultish Jesus-freak ways.

A common trait in Jesus Freaks is their total lack of interest in actually following the morals and such of their own religion, even though they pretend to (i.e., lying, adultery, etc). They also believe that Jesus and God make everything better, and anything negative in their lives must be pinned on Satan.

Of course, they only use God and Jesus and religion as a crutch because they can't handle the harsh reality that is called life.
Jesusfreak: I was reborn in Christ, and now everything is magically better!

Not-Jesusfreak: ...I don't believe in God, jesusfreak.

Jesusfreal: Get thee away, SATAN!

(Bible verse-quoting and holy water-throwing ensues.)
by Moo Moo Muffin June 12, 2008
Though this is not going to get likes, in fact, it'll get dislikes, a JF is a true Christian who strives to live his or her life for Jesus. By grace they have been saved from their sins, spending time in his word and choosing to live for him; they tend to be non-denominational, but they may come from ANY denomination, even Catholic. They typically would fall under the umbrella of evangelical. That means they want their friends to know what Jesus has done for them and how much he loves them, and to accept him. They don't try to stuff Jesus down your throat, for they know that you can't, and may share Jesus or may wish to let their life do the talking. Though all true Christians can be labeled JFs, usually those who self-profess to be this are Christian teenagers. It is a reclaimed term, as it originally was a derogatory term used against hippies during the JM of the 70s, but when dcTalk made a hit crossover song called "Jesus Freak" during the 90s, young Christians now use it. They are cool, and may very well be your friend, but their "religious side," causes them to be persecuted. Their irreligious friends try to squeeze it out of them in every way possible, calling them racist, brainwashed, and intolerant, saying that they aren't cool for simply stating the truth out of LOVE NOT HATE. Most are truly legitimately cool people with normal lives that just happen to have been lucky enough to know Jesus.

(Note: True JFs do not live this way as an act, they are genuine people.)
Cameron: Do you want to come over tonight and see that movie I talked about? Maybe we can get some girls to come over, and you know...

Josh: Well, as much I'd like to do that, you no perfectly well that I'm a Christian and am not allowed to watch R rated films, nor would I want to... I would want to see the girls though...

Cameron: Oh, dude, I'm your friend, but do you have to throw in Jesus into EVERYTHING. I've told you 50 million times I'm an atheist and don't think God exists. It all just doesn't make very much sense to me. Can you please come over?

Josh: I know you're an atheist, Cam, and that's why I don't want to see you go to... (suddenly he got very quiet)

Cameron: ****? You really think I'm going to **** for not believing in something that doesn't exist and for living a life of sin that I don't have?

Josh: Well, when you put it that way... (silence) But yeah, I believe that because it's the truth, I guess. The Bible says so. I'll come over as long as we don't watch an R rated film. We can watch something else on your huge movie screen. But, will you please come to church, just once with me, this weekend? They have rock music!

Cameron: Fine, can't hurt. I'll come. But can we bring the girls tonight though?

Josh: Sure, but not to have sex.

Cameron: Ugh, you are such a Jesus Freak!
by Jesus Christ,FTW May 30, 2012
1. A hippy who have converted to fundamentalist christianity.

2. A square christian who adopt hippy trappings such as 1960's and 1970's clothing, long hair, and says "Jesus is groovy".

A most uncool subculture.
Kevin entered a tent show while on acid and came became out a Jesus freak.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
Someone who tries to be both part of an anti-social subculture (see punk for a good example) and a Christian, not realizing that you can't support the ideals used in punk and be a Jesus follower at the same time.
I'm very punk, but I can't have sex, do drugs, or listen to any rock n' roll music that doesn't praise the Lord because I'm a Jesus freak.
by Janis February 06, 2005
A derogatory term for a Christian.
Atheist forced to go to church: I'm going to go scream if I have to spend one more minute with these Jesus Freaks.
by rosie626 October 24, 2013
A conceited, self righteous, homophobe who professes a
beyond natural love for some one they only know from
pretty stories at vacation bible school.
A bigot who believes all homosexuals will burn in hell even
though his love for Jesus borders on perverse sexual desires to pleasure his savior with an unnatural act.

An anti-gay closet homosexual religious fanatic who would drop to his knees and blow Jesus if he ever came back.
Bob: "Look at that Jesus Freak picketing the gay bar,I bet he's a closet homo!"
by jsd96321 May 29, 2011
People who claim to be christian, but are, in reality, attatched to an image of a man who, if he were alive today, would be committed to a mental hospital for claiming to be the son of God.

A group who would rather put tacky fish emblems on their car, instead of read the book that is supposedly their be all end all.

People who claim to know more about the world because of their relationship with someone they know nothing about.

People obsessed with an image of piety, rather than actually being pious.
Christians are ok, it's the Jesus Freaks that ruin things.

The stupid Jesus Freaks gave me another damn pamphlet.

I don't care if the Jesus Freaks think I'm going to hell, they're all idiots.
by CocoChannelonFOX March 30, 2011

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