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1. The years between 12 and 20. Fun but scary years. Imagine living in an episode of Wonder Showzen and you're only halfway there. Becoming a teenager is like emerging from a deep sleep,everything is clear now.IE: The world is very fucked up.
As a teenager,you can have everything you want but nothing that you need. Many people don't realise how painful it can be sometimes and the term "Whingy teenager" is constantly thrown at you from all sides. Once I get to 20,I hope to be treated like a human being again.
Your teenage years ,so I've been told, prepare you for adult life. Well ,coming from a teenager,adult life will apparently be restless,emotional and very,very confusing. So there you go.
2.Also a song my My Chemical Romance. Och,it's good!
1. "Teenagers scare the living shit out of me." I muttered,watching a fellow teenager attempt to have sex with a kitten.
2. "Teenagers scare the living shit outta me!",sang My Chemical Romance to the crowd. Many fangirls never recovered.
by bandanasarerad October 22, 2006
What Cartman of South Park likes to shout when he is in the belief that he is Vietnamese Prostitute called Ming Lee.
"Sucky! sucky! five dolla!"
"Give me eight dollar socia-boy I love you long time"
"Ten dollar? Sucky sucky?!"
by bandanasarerad November 08, 2006
The one day of the year you can beg strangers for food and not get told to fuck off. As long as you're dressed up like a ghost/the devil/transvestite.
Yes we in the West are quite normal,thank you.
"I love Halloween!"
Children,drunk and horny teenagers,liberal parents,devil worshippers,goths and overweight paedophiles all LOVE Halloween.
by bandanasarerad October 30, 2006
Think Seattle without the grunge.
Or New Jersey without the emo.
And you're halfway there.
Also has a blooming gay hustler scene and is home to many gutter punks. It's a cool place to live if you're a liberal. Probably not that great if you're conservative,but who gives a crap about them really? :P
Oh,and the guy who wrote Fight Club come from Portland,so it's GOTTA be cool.
"Portland: the diet NY." sniffed a New York hipster before being severely beaten by Portland punks in Exploited tees.
by bandanasarerad October 22, 2006
Short for New Jersey.
Let's go to NJ!
Yeah,let's go watch Senses Fail
by bandanasarerad November 18, 2006
Each year in Kazakhstan,there is the annual running of the Jew. A man dressed up as Jew is chased down street by Kazakhstani people. Sometimes it lays an egg.

If you've seen the Borat movie,you'll know what I mean.
~Running Of The Jew~
Borat: "Ah,the Jew is laying an egg! Quick,that it children,smash the jew chick!"
by bandanasarerad November 11, 2006
Well known Soundgarden song.
Came to be the anthem of grief for thousands of dis-affected teens after it was released directly after Kurt Cobains suicide. It's awesome!
"Black Hole Sun...won't you come?"
by bandanasarerad October 03, 2006

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