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A small, unintentional crimp or wave in your hair, usually at the back of the head where hair is the thickest and least visible to the eye. This occurs when a section of hair is missed while straightening.

Named after Jessica Simpson and her signature arm wave used when belting out a song but not to be confused with the much larger Christina.
You've got some jessicas goin on back there.
by acceb August 10, 2007
26 79
Annoying as hell, and can't mind her own damn business.

Chews gum loud af while she talks. Will stare at you for 5 minutes giving you the dirtiest look you have ever seen.
Jessica won't leave me alone, like damn hoe, don't you got other things to do.
by lilhomie23 May 28, 2014
10 66
someone who is so posessed by evil and jealousy they go to incredible lengths to see the envied person experience even an ounce of pain compared to what is their life. They are miserable inside so they try to make everyone else miserable too. They wish they were like you yet try to convince people how bad you are. They want people to dislike you because they are so jealous.
jessica the loser, creepy, weirdo, avoid her!
by youcreepcreepcreeper December 30, 2011
2749 2901
A really ugly type of fish that can fit an abnormal amount of dicks in her mouth at onces. Her vagina is bigger then a width of a whales mouth and she takes it up the ass by a cactus. Her mating call sounds like two jewish people fighting over a little boy. she looks like chubaca on a good day and she loves it when you tickel her bag of balls.
"Man that jessica is one ugly mother fucker"
by tiahajayne September 12, 2013
60 218
Typically a larger female, with a halfway decent face, also known as a BBW. They are good at cooking and eating food, watching movies, and going on short walks. Usually do not care for personal hygiene, but always are always concerned with the way they look. They are whiny, and ill mannered.
"OMG I feel so fat and bloated today..."

"Shut up, youre fine, you sound like Jessica."
by Riccardia June 04, 2013
50 210
Jessicas are all bitches. End of story.
"Ew, there's that slag Jessica again!"
by LOL guess? December 03, 2011
4646 4809
Usually they are all rude. This typical girl is a bitch, she thinks shes every guys dream and likes attention. She acts like a guy listens to hip hop and watches movies like scar face so she can convince guys shes down to earth. But watch out they are evil.
AHHH Watch your back. Jessica is coming
by Billy jean 9 November 20, 2013
40 203