a hot smexy boy that loves his girl
Girl 1: who's that hottie?
Girl 2: that's jesse. hands off! hes already mine.
by thaocow July 19, 2009
The word the means "The most awesome person" in Chinese. Better then the word Ian.
Wow, that hunk is a Jesse.
by JesseSully March 29, 2009
The most amazing, kind, random, gorgeous boy out there. Jesse's make life the most amazing and the most confusing thing ever. He doesn't care what you look like on the outside, but what you're like on the inside. He'll no doubt make you smile with his odd humor and cuteness and you'll always want to be around him. He'll make you fall for him without having to do a thing. He also enjoys the color green and has a slight obsession for cats. Oh, and he'll always supply you with a glue soaker on Monster World if you need one. :)
"Oh look, there's that Jesse kid!"
"Oh yeah! He's the best! Jesse is the nicest kid in the shire, man!"
by Berserkerererer October 02, 2011
A very gorgeous guy who always has the right thing to say. He can always put a smile on your face, and never fails to be the best boyfriend ever. He has short term memory, and has a weird obsession with Ice cream. He's the most amazing kisser on earth, and can make you feel ten times better than if you were on drugs. He is perfection.
"Who is THAT gorgeous guy?!"

"Oh just my boyfriend, Jesse."

"He's walking perfection."

"Dude, I know."
by CCCCCAPTAIN February 16, 2010
An all around amazing guy. He is caring, sensitive, and makes his girl feel like the only one alive. He is a fantastic singer and is awesome on the guitar. Typically good looking. He is absolutely the most amazing guy you will ever meet, and he might quite possibly change your life forever. He is unforgettable.
I think I might have just found my Jesse.
by distant lover August 31, 2010
A boy who i am completely falling for. A Jesse will never be a dick and will always make you laugh. You can never be bored while with a Jesse.
"Your a total Jesse"
by 2/19 March 09, 2010
Jesse is the most awesomest person on the world you will meet. They can be jerks at times, but you just gotta love him :D . You can never hate him. Plus he is the most sexiest person ever!
Jesse <3
by JesseLover17 June 24, 2011
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