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A homosexual person. One who finds Jake Gyllenhaal attractive, has an affinity for raspberry vinaigrette, and believes that brie can be attained at a hole-in-the-wall diner. Euphemism for a gay man.
Stop being such a flaming Jesse.

I just watched some Jesse porn. I think I may be turning Jesse.
by Lucas26 August 23, 2009
A Jesse is a selfish uptight redneck dumbass who does not deserve to live. Most of the time Jesse's are fat and fugly. If you ever meet a Jesse Scream say DEMON! and run away.
OMG you are acting like a stalker right now u Jesse!

I cant believe how dumb and ugly you are, you are such a Jesse!
by Dalala February 06, 2009
a ponce, wuss, wet blanket.
1-" he wouldn't even have a beer in case his mum found out "
2-" god, what a jesse"
by rab27 February 13, 2009
a fagbag and a half!
jesse sucks dick
by flyer then the rest of em August 25, 2008
A person who is madly in love with another person(usually of the opposite sex) but is unable to be with them for whatever reason. They then tell said person that they no longer wish to remain in contact or be friends in order to get over such feelings of self pitty. Within 2 days however they fail to stick to their guns and go crawling back with his/her tail between his/her legs.
"mate, told him i don't wana chat anymore"
"doing a jesse i see...how long you recon you'll hold out"
"probably longer than jesse..."
by sophie_jayne February 09, 2008
gay very very very very very gay i cant handle it any more so very gay
your soo jesse
by klfdskljfdkljfdkjfdklfjkldajtr February 03, 2009
A he/she whos is trying to find a man or woman in life. He/She confeses love for a person and they reject him. Jesse immediatly start trash-talking she/hes so called lover. The lover gets pissed and goes out with his/her friend. Jesse gets pissed at the friend and begins to act retarded everywhere.
Jack says," I told Mark I love him, and he said 'fuck you homo!'

John says, " fuvkin idiot, your acting like Jesse!"

Jack says, "nooooooooooo!!!! not Jesse!!!!

Jesse is a she-male.
by Rain Wizard 22 July 02, 2008