1. To work on an impossible task with ridiculous demands and an unrealistic timeline, usually for a project that is excruciatingly boring or unpleasant.

Circa. 2007 from Hong Kong English, used in the advertising industry. The word has been derived from the name of a director of an advertising agency in Hong Kong who is renowned for handing out impossible tasks, often to be done on weekends or over holidays, with no regard for anyone's schedule.
After the boss demanded that the 60-page brochure be done by Tuesday, Kimbo knew that he'd just been Jerry-ed. Kimbo then spent the Easter break Jerry-ing.
by Kimbo T March 21, 2008
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A sexy beast, good with the ladies and with a 8-inch wang.
Girl: Look, here comes a Jerry...I'll go ask him out!
by woop woop woo February 03, 2009
He's a very sweet boy and only falls in love with one girl....

But he can go all night with that girl. ;) he's great in bed and knows how to have sex. he has a nice penis and a good ass. All the girls want to have sex with him.
i want to get in Jerry's pants

Jerry and Samantha have sex every night

Nina wants to get in bed with Jerry
by kyle_2009 May 03, 2009
Jerry was used by the British in the Great War as a nickname for the Germans. One possible origin is that Jerry was thought to be a common name among Germans, like 'John' with Americans. Another, and perhaps the true origin, is that bed pans/chamber pots were called Jerries, and the Germans helmets looked like them, so... Jerry was one of many nicknames used to call the Germans, the French preferred Boche, the Americans, Krauts. Another common one was 'Hun'. The usage of Jerry, and the rest, although I can't say I have seem much use of Boche outside of WW I related things, continued during the Second World War. The gas/water container used by the Germans in WW II was nicknamed a Jerry can. During the Great War, the Germans, when talking to the Englishmen in the opposite trenches, would use Tommy to reference them, while the British, of course, used Jerry in regard to the Germans.
My high school had this great set of WW II books, and I can remember this one story from a veteran that, for whatever reason, has stuck with me. He and his unit had assaulted a German airfield. "We were running around securing the hangars. I passed the door to an office and kicked it open. I tossed in a grenade and the Jerry behind the desk caught it and shouted, "Nein! Nein!" I yelled, "Ja! Ja!" and slammed the door shut."
by General Doolittle October 22, 2005
An amazing guy that is sweet, funny,caring. Has the most amazing laugh and voice ever. Someone who you would want to be in your life forever. Very huggable and kissable. Good with kids, and is very respectful. Just wonderful in every possible way.
dude, I think I love jerry.

when I seen jerry it was love at first sight.
by lanalovesyou May 27, 2011
The most awesome kindhearted guy, sweet, but stubborn. falls for one girl he would do anything for her and will always love her.
jerry is such a sweet guy.
by granter August 13, 2011
A sweet yet vicious man. Don't get on his bad side he will rip you apart. He is loving and gentle when you are on his good side. You can't get any better then a Jerry. They are amazing people. Good in bed and a smooth talker. Always surprising you with what they say. Sexy in every way you'd want and need.
Girl: Man that Jerry is one fine fucker.
Me: Thats my Jerry back off.
by ullfigureitout July 03, 2012
Jerry is a huga penis. Nobody could ever imagine how big this penis is. Every girl wants him (maybe some boys too) because he's the best penis the whole world. Include Jerry is unbelievable (unbieberuble) sexy.

U got somethin' in ur pants that I really wanna blow.

Sex sex sex on u...

Jerry is also called Bieberconda.

Do you know yet which penis I'm talking about?

Jerry = Bieberconda = Justin Bieber's Penis.
Girl: OMFG i want Jerry inside me!
by i69Jerry April 30, 2012

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