Jerry was a race car driver. He drove so goddamn fast. He never did win no checkered flags, but he never did come in last. Jerry was a race car driver, he'd say "el solo number one." With a bocephus sticker on his 442 he'd light em up just for fun.
Jerry was a race car driver. 22 years old. Had too many cold beers one night and wrapped himself around a telephone pole.
by Osko1337 May 19, 2009
1.) noun: During World War Two, a nickname given to the Nazis by Allied soldiers. From "GER-man" (Jer-man, then Jerry). Plural: JERRIES (the Germans). Considered a racial slur by modern standards. Compare Fritz.

2.) noun: An epithet attached to invididuals of German or Germanic heritage.
1.) Intelligence reports Jerry near Hurtgen Forest, General.

2.) I wanted to date Astrid Vögel, but my father, a WWII veteran, would be furious if I brought Jerry into the house.
by thespecter September 01, 2007
This is a common slang term for a stoner. I am not defining a friend who smokes weed. This is not in anyway a jokey definition. It is a commonly used slang term for a someone who smokes lots of pott, just like the word stoner.
Clara: Wow! he is such a Jerry!
Marie: Yup, he smokes a lot weed....
by yeahthatsme67 December 18, 2011
An offensive term for an Indian man, typically working in either a 7-Eleven or Subway
A man walks into the store and spots the Indian cashier standing behind the counter. He looks over at his friend and screams, "Yeahhhhhhhhh, Jerry!"
by BFGiant April 07, 2011
The ultimate self admitted pervert.
"You are such a Jerry"
"Why do you have to be all Jerry"
"Man, that's almost Illegal, you Jerry"
by cwizzerd March 17, 2010
jerry is an shortened version geriatric, and refers to someone who has no clue on certain things
A jerry is someone who starts 20 viets outside a club and thinks he can take them
by FullTimeAdlay September 30, 2011
WWI term used by the British Amry to refer to a German.
Here comes Jerry Bastard!
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004

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