Jerry is the best guy ever. He's got his own personality and he's not afraid to be himself. He's very caring and treats his girl like a princess. He makes a great best friend and always looks out for the people he cares about. He's hilarious and knows how to make his girl smile. He's stubborn and Irish and he's proud of it :)
"I love you, Jerry"
by YourHipster April 19, 2012
A sweet yet vicious man. Don't get on his bad side he will rip you apart. He is loving and gentle when you are on his good side. You can't get any better then a Jerry. They are amazing people. Good in bed and a smooth talker. Always surprising you with what they say. Sexy in every way you'd want and need.
Girl: Man that Jerry is one fine fucker.
Me: Thats my Jerry back off.
by ullfigureitout July 03, 2012
A "Jerry", or calling someone "Jerry" who's government name is not in fact Jerry is often seen as a sign of respect, and in many circles, a unparalleled badge of honor. Variations and mutations of the name Jerry melded with that of a commonly known celebrity, athlete, or cultural reference, are also viewed to be a symbolic form of admiration.
Jerry-atric, (Old Jerry)
Jerry Senifeld, (Funny Jerry)
Jerry-co Cotchrey, (Athletic Jerry)
by Jerry Angelo January 14, 2010
A Jerry is a funny guy! Totally and completely loyal, well traveled, well educated, smart, funny, sexy, talented, good at everything, and a blast to be around. You have a friend for life with a Jerry, but do NOT piss a Jerry off. He can whoop some ass. It's hard to not love a Jerry. A Jerry can throw some wicked parties, is usually the life of the party, and knows everyone, and makes friends with anyone. A Jerry is picky about who he opens up to though. A Jerry is the total package.
Dude 1: Who is that guy whooping everyone's asses like a Jerry?

Dude 2: Oh! That's Jerry!
by Sparkly_Blu May 16, 2013
"The two best wars this country ever fought were against the jerries."
-Harold's Uncle, in Harold and Maude
by John Triton January 21, 2008
Hi. :) i will talk to you about my Jerry. Well mmm...he's a tall dude with dark-brown curly hair. He has dark-brown eyes & sexy lips. He likes to skate. He loves cars.

~He's reckless~

He has an amazing personality. He can be your boyfriend & best-friend at the same time. He will always be there for you. When he falls in love with someone ,oh my, he will do everything possible to make that special girl happy.

He's cute & huggable;kisses well. He's perfect for cuddling. Lol.

I love him.

If you want a bf or a bff look for a Jerry.
Lol, an example? Get to know a Jerry & you'll see :)
by Sabrina:) October 28, 2013
An ancient God, who ruled over the Earth and gave very sexist prophecies. He believed that women belonged in the kitchen, while the men ruled over them.
"Make me a sandwich." The first words Jerry ever said to a woman
by Alexandrove February 29, 2012

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