WWI term used by the British Amry to refer to a German.
Here comes Jerry Bastard!
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
A Giant fat boy that is a try-hard, who eats rice all day. They might try and scare you with their weight but it is only a cushion of fat so it won't pulverise you. Just keep out of their way when the bell for lunch rings, and they'll run faster then Usain Bolt to get to Cafeteria first.
"Woah how are we going to rock climb that boulder"

"That's no boulder... ITS A JERRY! RUN!"
by 693r November 11, 2013
1. A name for someone that proves to be any kind of an idiot, moron, or non-educated person.

2. A complete fuck.

3. A clueless person, in all activities.
Ben sure was a jerry last night. "He's a jerry all the time, Dan."

Don't be such a jerry.

There's orange juice in the apple juice dispenser, what jerry filled this.
by bobcatbrown April 08, 2011
A jerry is a male penis that is usually 4 inches or smaller
Man 1: "I measured my penis last night and it was only 4 inches big"
Man 2: "you got a jerry man
by P hole skin October 05, 2013
A Jew who keeps his Jew Gold close around his neck. Also beats the sack.
That kid ws being a total Jerry when he refused to pay the male hooker when he was done blowing him.
by anal-lover69 October 26, 2011
Slang term for old people. Short for geriatrics.
Ugh, the jerries were dominating the pool again during the aqua aerobics class.
by LadyJ1281 September 14, 2008
impatient, intolerant, insensitive, overbearing, controlling, irrational, diabolical, incorrigible, savage, ornery, unkempt.
due to his low blood sugar, skipping lunch always made Steve jerry.
by crimbus December 07, 2010

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