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When a friend asks you a favor that should take 10 minutes, but ends up being 3 hours of mishaps and torture
"He just asked me to do this quick favor and it ended up being 3 hours of breaking down automobiles, flat tires, and a torrential downpour!"

"you got Jerry'd"
by jimmypatron August 15, 2011
When one's home has been invaded by a mouse that just can't seem to be killed.
"That mouse is still living under your sofa? You're being Jerry'd bad, bro."
by Sage HiTi March 01, 2013
to realize you had 100's of photos taken while you stepped away from your phone.
"I got home and realized I had 100's of selfies from the group. I got Jerry'd"
by Momma Josie June 30, 2016
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