Jerick, An awkward individual who likes racist jokes and tends to be very skinny, A jerick only eats rice and usually has some form of odd feauture such as an ulcer, A Jerick also tends to work-out but never goes anywhere. A Jerick is also not very good at school. A jerick likes to think he/she is the dominant species but really isn't
Person 1: Man! I just failed this easy english test...
Person 2: Dude your such a Jerick....
by killerleb99 November 08, 2011
Top Definition
An amazing individual who is very cool and chill. He is very social and loves to be around people. He eats rice, and he is known to be very nice. This person loves haters because they make him work harder.
Yo, Jerick! Swaggin' it out bro!
by Boom54lol April 22, 2013
Looks like he has a long huge dick but actually has the smallest gay dick and looks like Shrek. He likes to suck nigga dick for free.
Oh my god! Its Jerick Look at that hot guy. Oh no! That kid has the smallest Wall. E dick ever
via giphy
by Jerick is gay May 13, 2016
Jerick is a person, typically a male who loves to engage in activities such as countless hours on redditt, eating and having frequent bowel movements. Jerick is a guy you can trust with your life once he gets to know you.
Yo Jerick, are you really going for another dump?
by americaeighty8 April 16, 2014
is a guy who is completely full of himself but so much fun to be around! like, seriously, you cant really hate him, not for very long at least! he's a total badass.
dude, you're such a Jerick!
by sarahmaebby May 30, 2011
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