A name that represents honor, caring, and love. Also known to be a very romantic person, or very successful person in life. A true gentleman, just like the princes out of the best Disney movies. He is kind and darling and can really pull off wearing a sweater vest. Jeffreys are known for their hilarious imitations of certain characters, and are extremely talented in many fields. However, one must be careful around a Jeffrey, as they are prone to unannounced tickle battles and usually win.

A name given only to the people with the capability of defeating Chuck Norris and ending his streak of non-stop invincibility. Yes, Chuck Norris can be defeated, and will be by Jeffrey. The best person in the world who will always be there when you need him. He is also the sweetest person you will ever meet as well as the coolest person you will ever meet. A very very funny guy not someone boring like Bob but everyone wants to be a Jeffrey.
That guy is so awesome he must be a Jeffrey
by Wlfwith1redrse September 09, 2012
The sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Even when he's having his own problems, he'll try to solve yours. He's funny and knows how to cheer anyone up. He'll do whatever he can to help and you can always count on him for whatever is going on in your life. He is an amazing guy and you're lucky if you ever meet him. He also pulls off sweater vest and cardigans.
person: who was that guy he was such a stud!
person: must have been jeffrey
by ahs... January 26, 2013
Used to describe incredibly sexy, mature and attractive gentleman. Girls are attracted automatically to people named Jeffrey. These people grow up to be successful in every aspect of life; and is the core from which jealousy has derived from in men.

Can also be used as an adjective to describe the highest level of sexiness
(n) I wish I was as good as Jeffrey
(adj) You are so Jeffrey
by Iammom.iamright January 30, 2012
Very very funny guy not someone boring like Bob but everyone wants to be a Jeffrey
I want to be a Jeffrey when I grow up.
by I want to be that guy January 01, 2012
The most beautiful person in the world, with long curly hair that smells a lot like hairspray. He loves his girlfriend tummy and always knows how to make her smile. The first time he met his girlfriend he waved like a retard but made her smile so much she got dimples, that instantly made her fall in love. He's not shy and he speaks his mind. He's above and beyond perfection, and treats his girlfriend like a princess. He's willing to do absolutely anything for her. He always makes everything better, and his girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the entire galaxy. He always make sure he takes his girlfriend home<3 & he has the absolute perfect body ever. He's perfect. & very loveable. & he gives you his blanket to keep you warm at night. <3
Jeffrey: *Looks into his girlfriend's eyes*
Jenny: *Looks into his eyes*... I'm so lucky.
by YourWifeBaby<3 January 26, 2013
a mammoth joint filled entirely with an assortment of drugs. marijuana, opium, angel dust, meth, painkillers etc. Half of the ingredients are unknown, but one things for sure, it fucks you up.
Bro: dude take a hit of this you'll be fine.
Scro: I dunno man, I guess so.

*smokes jeffrey*

Bro: yoooo what are you doing calm down!
Scro: My hearts beating fast, whats in this jeffrey even?!
Bro: I don't know dude, just rub a furry wall you'll be okay.
by fattehboi June 05, 2010
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