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HASS a MASIVE penis, the biggest you will ever see. Makes almost anything he does, never be satisfied again. Just the most awesome person ever. More awesome than Barney Stinson and get more girls. Could do up to 3 girls at a time with his massove willy. If I was a guy trying to compete with a Jeffrey I would give up. He is to perfect and awesome. I envy anyone who knows a Jeffrey.
Finn: who is that loser

Goegre: how dare you... That is a jeffrey

Finn: I didn't know... I am the loser *faints*
by qwertyuiop123poiuytrewq321 November 13, 2013
The new breed of seagull.
I am a Californian bird watcher and I have spotted a wild Jeffrey in its natural habitat.
by Birdman02 July 24, 2014
N; A fat kid who eats paste, generally in the back row of the classroom

Alt; N; The rich, unlikeable neighbor in any sitcom
Jeffrey! Take your finger out of your nose and your hand out of the paste and pay attention!!
by JTCal August 28, 2013
A cocktail of drugs rolled up in a joint that includes, pot, heroin, bits of e, methodone, and angel dust.

Its called a Jeffrey to make it sound harmless. This term comes from the movie Get Him to the Greek.
person #1: Pass Steve the Jeffrey, he needs to relax.

Steve: Oh my God what's in a Jeffrey, I'm going to have a heart attack!
by chipworthington June 09, 2010
A joint containing a mixture of marijauna and drugs. These can include-but are not limited to-angeldust, coicaine, heroin, methadone, methamphetamines, etc. So named because "nobody's scared of a Jeffrey" (to paraphrase Aldous Snow, lead singer of Infant Sorrow in "Get Him To The Greek")
Wanna hit off this "Jeffrey?"

Naw man, I stick with the sticky-icky.
by LegalizeMedicine420 June 04, 2010
The act of slapping another individual's face with one's dick after being vomited on or pooped on while receiving a blow job or performing anal sex with that individual as a form of punishment.
That girl shat all over my dick so I gave her the Jeffrey.

While she was deep-throating me, she vomited on my dick, so I gave her the Jeffrey.
by dawgystylez90210 September 06, 2011
A drug Neapolitan
Lame Fat Dude: Uh, guys? What is this stuff? My heart's going really fast.

Cool British Dude: Oh, it's a bit of this, a bit of that. It's called a Jeffrey. It's mostly weed, with a bit of opium as well... ground-up E's... heroin... Clorox...
by Raeper142 October 15, 2010