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A joint(cigarette) rolled with weed, opium, herion, crushed up ecstasy, clorox, morphine, a little bit of angle dust, and some unidentifiable ingredients
Guy 1: I'm tripping out on this jeffrey, man.
Guy 2: It's okay, just stroke the furry wall.
by Aldous Snow June 14, 2010
From the 2010 movie "Get Him To The Greek" it is a smokable joint consisting of:
- Weed mostly
- A bit of Opium
- Heroin
- Crunched up Ecstacy
- Clorox
- Methadone
- Subutex
- Morphine
- Peyote
- Some of the stuff is unidentifiable
- A little bit of Angel Dust
"You're freakin' out man chill, here take a hit of this Jeffrey!"
by TexIVXX November 19, 2010
This term was used in the movie "Get Him To The Greek". It is a concoction of mostly marijuana laced with opium, heroin, peyote, methadone, crushed up ecstasy, some of it is unidentifiable, and hint of angle dust and possibly a few other things.

I'm pretty sure this was actually cleverly named for Jeffrey Miron, a Harvard economist who is lobbying for the legalization of ALL drugs.
"Nobody's scared of a jeffrey." "Jeffrey's just a bloke down the street." ~ Get Him To The Greek

From the sounds of what all is in it, I think it would be really stupid to smoke a jeffrey. You'd probably die instantly.
by Shadowbane1 November 09, 2010
Another name for the bathroom.
I used the Jeffrey this morning.
by thebesturbandictionaryuser1234 November 25, 2011
A blunt with a huge amount of drugs in them (crack cocaine,Heroin ,Ecstasy,etc.
Jessica was smoking a Jeffrey at the party last night
by BIGGPImpinnn July 12, 2011
A customer who walks out on a sales deal. A dim-witted customer. A dead beat customer. A really bad Jeffrey is called a Jeffrey Jeff Jefferson.
That customer walked out on my deal. Boy did I get Jeffrey'd!
That guy was a real Jeffrey... Dude, that guy's name is Jeffery Jeff Jefferson!
by rexpo March 20, 2012
A Word for a man who lives doon the burn, living merely on a diet of kinder surprise's and jaffa cakes but never potatoes, he occasionaly ventures to reniston to visit his fither, george the problem solver and brother, the dog man of reniston. Rumour has it that he has a fish trap set up in the shire of galasheils, just across from asda, but this is just a rumour theres no known proof to mankind to back it up. Sometimes on a summers night when its a full moon, you can hear him playing his saxaphone sitting on a bale.
Mum - Don't be going down that burn

Son - why not?

Mum - Its a full moon, the jeffrey will be oot
by Cronemeister June 21, 2011