i met this guy named jeff and he turned all psycho
by c m s p January 31, 2009
Pass the pail. I think I'm gonna jeff!
by Bob Rush August 22, 2008
Refering to or pertaining to "Jeff", whose very name is a vulgarity in the real sense of the word.
Go jeff yourself.
Jeff off.
You're such a jeffer.
You guys are a bunch of jeffers.
I can't jeffing believe this!
by Crash D June 11, 2005
1: (noun) An endearing but slightly moronic person. A waste of space, but in a nice way.
2: (verb) To waste time, to Jeff.
1: Rachel is a big jeff.
2: Rachel spends most of her time jeffing around to the sound of radio 4
by Eddie356 January 30, 2008
A digusting, fat, old guy that lives in the hanger of an airport and has a buttoned down shirt with chest hair popping out. he also wears a gold chain that tends to be entangled in the mass of hair. he tends to suck on cigars and smell like a musty, old plane.
There is no f***ing way that I'm flying with Jeff today!
by Sugar_Z_Lips July 21, 2009
the whitest black man ever with a micromini penis
look at that black guy over there oh wait its Jeff who can't play basketball.
by 1nutt March 31, 2009
Jeff is a person who is very asian in evry single way you can think. POOr is the best word to describe a jeff. Jeffs also love to eat lylidale chicken and they mostly all work at kfc because they love chicken so damn much and also rice. One may also fail his driving test because he needs to wear glasses.
-yo look at jeff

-who, that guy eating lilydale chicken?
by ass asdoihasjdnasd April 29, 2009

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