the name given to asian people male or female, due to "jeff" the purple wiggle, he's of asian decent
damn jeffs get the fuck off the road
by jpcharger October 25, 2006
Jolly Ellephant Fucking Faggot
He is such a jeff...
by Matt the Great May 26, 2005
when something is really gay, or referencing a gay person.
Yo, that Rangers game was so Jeff.

You know that faggot billy down the street?
Yeah, that bitch is so Jeff.
by CVS May 05, 2007
A word used to describe the kind of man that smokes Doral full flavor, drives a beat-up vehicle (of any make, model), has mullet or just jeff hair, beats his wife, smokes ciggs all the time, kicks his pigs, and drinks 24 packs of Busch Light for breakfast. Usually ends up in jail or fucking dead
Chris: "Look at that Jeff looking guy over there"

Mike: "Oh Shit, better run like fucking hell!"
by The Bangkok Project December 25, 2007
1.When boiling chicken bones for use in stock, the fatty greasy inedible scum and filth that rises to the surface and must be skimmed off and discarded.

2. A homophobic male who stalks women he's never met and obsessively accuses their boyfriends of being gay.
1. Skim the jeff off the top when it cools.

2. For god's sake don't answer that email! He's a total jeff!

by atall February 06, 2008
an extremely small kid
always looks 3-4 years younger than actual age
dam that nigga is so jeff
by UnOhEbRePpInDaT 5 6 January 07, 2008
Jeff is a racist term used to describe members of the Asian community, The Term Jeff was founded imaginativly from the wiggles in which the Asian ones name is Jeff.
1. Fkn Jeff is tryin 2 rip me off
2. Im sorrounded by Jeffs/Jeffies
3. Shut up you fukin Jeff
by Ausie April 02, 2007

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