A particularly stinky gaseous emission, deadly if inhaled for my the a second or two.
Did someone fart?. OMG, it's a JEFF!
by Not your wife December 13, 2010
a long, white, skinny cigarette
person #1: I need a joe!
person #2: do you mean you need a jeff?
#1: shut up
by ohlookabird June 01, 2011
A term used to describe a complete loser. A "Jeff" could be someone who wears cheap or tacky clothes, someone who is socially awkward, a loner, or just a complete asshole. Jeff can also be interpreted as a more specific version of krog.
hey check out that jeff over there with the roller-backpack and Obama t-shirt
by jfizzle4 October 24, 2010
One who has sexual intercourse with pandas and little girls. Is also known as pedobear.
*scoffs* That Jeff is at it again...

Hey! Get that girl away from him! She's underage!
by midnightfoxkovu May 02, 2011
A rather strange man, who changes his car every two days, has a jordan meter, is old, likes younger women, parties on the weekend, attends church every sunday, wears a blue raincoat with everything, and says girls names weird. He also loves someone named kirsten.
Person 1: Have you seen jeff today!?
Person 2: Yeah, hes talking to kirsten.
Person 1: Okay thanks.
by Ella Hierton June 14, 2011
A lazy teacher who loses assignments and like men and ice cream.....at the same time
He is very queer hes always jeffing around
by icantbeleiveitsnotbutter November 09, 2010
A pussy who usually plays hockey and usually uses the number 30 or 31. Also likes it up the ass and licks other mens assholes.and usually bleaches his hair. Wet willy!!!!
Jeff is so gay he is such a pussy he is a bender and where's a black helment and uses blue pads
by henry stachecki April 04, 2011

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