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Jeff is a caring soul, yes indeedy. He thinks he has tricks up his sleeve, but doesn't realize she had tricks he'd never seen before.
Don't y'all worry, Jeff was paid back 10 fold for everything he's ever done. For some odd reason, he keeps coming back for more though, ugh! I can only bitch slap him so many times...I think he secretly likes it. Sick bastard.
by p'dofftittytat October 02, 2011
The guy who ALWAYS takes a dump at work, he may even describe it to you. Will repeatedly tell the same joke "I just got paid to take a shit!"
Man, I gotta take a Jeff!

Have you seen the boss? He's been Jeffing all morning.
by JrPw November 05, 2010
World record holder for penis size (length). Measuring 34" in a flaccid state, Jeff cannot achieve an erection without running the risk of death due to low blood flow to the brain. A true tragedy.
Damn, Jeff is 34" long soft, but he can't get hard. I guess he'll just have to use it for tether ball or something.
by Cunnilinguist11 May 12, 2014
The act of taking a crap.
I'm going to go to the john and take a jeff.
by The White Amur February 15, 2014
a term to replace the word f**k. can be used in the context of jeffing, jeffed up, jeffed over, jefficated, or jeff.
you have to be jeffing me!
thats so jeffed up!
...I just got jeffed over.
by cool.beans.bro. August 30, 2011
A man with the sucking power of a vaccum cleaner. He who can suck 6 Muller yogurts through a 2mm pipe in less than 15minutes!!!
"That Jeff loves his sambuka, vodka and Mullers"
"look at him suck"
"yeah thats the forth one he has sucked down"
by anass udluvabitof November 23, 2012
Jeff will be whoever you want him to be and pretend to love you as long as you pull out your wallet often. He'll will always have hooker breath.
Person A: Did you see Jeff's girlfriend! As in current girlfriend?

Person B: Oh my gaw, yes!

Person A: He has definately downgraded with a capital D!

Person B: She must pull out her wallet often...
by fatgirlsneed<3too October 03, 2011