an amazing person who plays guitar, likes alternative rock, and most likely sports a faux-hawk. He is probably athletic and muscular. And tall.
joseph:Hey man did you hear about jeff?
anthony:Him? he gets all the bitches!
joseph:I wish I was more like jeff.
by glassesandglitter October 12, 2011
Jeff is a kid. He is 14 years old and he is a freaking tripod. he has a huge dick. Like huge like no other. He is also known by his alias Gigantic Jeff or The BIG one.
"hey have you heard about this kid Jeff?" said Scott " This kid Has a Big Dick! ITS HUGE!"
by Scotty The Hotty December 05, 2015
A sneaky fucker. Acts all innocent but then surprises you with a whole storm of everloving shit.
"I didn't expect that from him. It came out of nowhere. Like a Jeff."
by Mungus Hungus January 24, 2016
Jeff was a little devil as a baby, then became Mr Perfect in mid-life, he will leave us as our guardian angel.
--I never knew that This was the Jeff next door
--My house is so clean, it is so Jeff
by Stephinamerica May 31, 2016
word for weed,used primarily by the Western Australian boys who just want to enjoy Jeff's company and have a sick time
Young lad number 1-OI Brother you wanna see jeff tonight?
Young lad number 2-For sure man,always a good time when Jeff is around
by yoyoswagyo January 04, 2016
Jeff is a caring soul, yes indeedy. He thinks he has tricks up his sleeve, but doesn't realize she had tricks he'd never seen before.
Don't y'all worry, Jeff was paid back 10 fold for everything he's ever done. For some odd reason, he keeps coming back for more though, ugh! I can only bitch slap him so many times...I think he secretly likes it. Sick bastard.
by p'dofftittytat October 02, 2011
The saddest fuck you will ever meet.
"He has nothing going for him in life."
"The poor guy, he is such a Jeff."
by Boynelife March 28, 2015
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