A skeeza and a pleasa. Has the biggest schlong, dinga dong, kinga kong (if ya know what I mean).
I was minding my business as usual when all of a sudden I was slapped in the face by the salami of a Jeff. A nice surprise ;)
#man meat #go big or go home #so sweet #so generous #i love him
by clever bastard August 22, 2011
Jeff, a person who will always make you laugh. He is very funny, and fun to be around.
Jeff so cool ya? ya.
#cool #hilarious #weird #awesome #barney
by Evasaurus February 23, 2012
A wonderful, cool, athletic boy who is best friends with everybody and has great knowledge of everything in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff,
A wonderful name for a boy.
#jeff #names #boys #coolness #awesomeness
by Future Superstar January 28, 2009
One of the coolest people you'll meet! Super silly and witty. Jeff will always put a smile on your face. He's one hell of a dancer and knows how to partay too! A total "people person". He's got a gang of friends and everywhere he goes people recognize him, bow down in worship and kiss his feet. He's just that cool. Jeff also possesses amazing artistic skills and is likely into dub-step music and hip-hop.
He's incredibly charming and will cast his spell on you. Dude's got a few tricks up his sleeves. Fa sho. ;)
"That dude is totes magical! He must be a Jeff."
#jeff #magic #cool sauce #neato #silly
by missmisa September 08, 2011
A "creature" who's power cannot be matched. Strongest and smartest thing on this planet, leader of the winners.
Ill get jeff on justins ass
#jeff #joe #john #bob #jim #god
by Young freeze May 09, 2009
someone who is skilled. He just has it.
dude, it's jeff
...whoa nice
#skill #chill #cool #the man #amazing
by je2f November 07, 2006
Award-winning athlete and Ginger Fox.

Great at everything he does.
'Jeff smoked those losers in the last race!'
#jef #geoff #geff #jeoff #gef
by LP41 April 03, 2010
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