A Jeff is a quiet individual that is known to have quick and witty banter when taking the opportunity to speak with someone they feel comfortable with. They are a breed of past heartbreakers that have matured into intelligent, unique, and confident men. They tend to think more than act and often miss the boat.
Guy 1: There's that cool girl from the art building
Guy 2:.........uh
Guy 1: Such a Jeff move
by Heytherepanther June 26, 2013
A Jeff is always considered as "The World's Greatest Thing Alive" Jeff's love to drink and have a good time, they have girl's lining up from all over the world, No matter what a Jeff does it is always considered cool and sexy. Nothing in the world beat's what a Jeff can bring into the bedroom and that's a big penis and all night sex. If you ever want a Jeff in your life you need to look very carefully because they are of a rare breed and there is only so many alive, if u ever manage to either be friend's with a Jeff your life will never be the same and you will never regret having him in your life.
by XxSHAGGYxX February 04, 2010
Jeffs are great guys with an awesome personality and will always be there for you and only make genuine mistakes (not the bullshit ones you hear from other guys) and who truly cares about you. He will do everything in a relationship to make it work and means what he says with all his heart.

A true gentleman who can make you feel happy in the saddest of times. Jeffs are known for their hilarious imitations of certain characters and people. However, one must be careful around a Jeff, as they are prone to unannounced tickle battles and usually (99% of the time) win. No matter where he may go, he is always loved by all. He can be wild but always knows when to take something seriously and can always be talked too, is always striving to to his best and can be relied upon for ANYTHING.
When taken the right way, Jeff's wildness can be uplifting and joyous. Jeffs learn from their wrongdoings and strive to be better people, protecting those that they love.

Jeff is also a name given to perhaps the only people with the capability of defeating Chuck Norris. When Chuck Norris needs help, Jeff is the person that he will call. Jeff is the one that keeps Chuck Norris in line and doing good.
It is said that Chuck Norris is the apprentice, but Jeff is the Master. Yes, Chuck Norris can be defeated (if they for some reason they were no longer best friends), and will be by Jeff.
"I'm Jeff with a 'J', not a 'G'. Who the hell names their child 'Gee-Oaf-Err-Eee'?"

"I wish I was a Jeff!"

Dude 1: "Dude were losing the game!"
Dude 2: "Its time to send out our secret weapon, Jeff."
(No sooner than they had said that the opposing team ran away crying as Jeff was already starting to rip them up, channeling his inner wildness into the game, turning the game around)

"I had such a bad day! It was terrible. I'm lucky I have Jeffrey as my best friend though."

Jeff: "What Part of 'No beetroots place do you not understand?"
Dude: "I'm so sorry bro, please don't kill me."
Jeff: "Nah do't worry about it dude."
Dude: "It's ok, all is forgiven."

Dude 1: "Dude, Jeffrey is so kick ass, i bet he could beat Chuck Norris!"
Dude 2: "Yeah, i heard he is the only one able to!"
by No, Bob is not my uncle December 18, 2013
A highly intelligent, very outgoing individual with overwhelming wit and charm. A Jeff has the ability to humble you with praise and love then instantly turn and smack you off the pedestal he has placed you on. He is unsure of himself and everyone else, does not trust, does not believe, and is not easily loved. A Jeff is constantly tormented by his insecurities. A Jeff needs a very patient, strong and passionate partner, one who realizes while there may be times to take a few steps away, it is not necessary to turn and shoot. If a Jeff manages to to come to terms with his own true worthiness, the partner of a Jeff will likely be rewarded for their patience and perseverance with unconditional love and undying devotion.
The Jeffness of it all is exhausting.
by TheFutureMrs.Brewer November 20, 2011
The absolute coolest dude. Usually had brown hair and freckles but he's still the coolest.

He just has it.
Person 1: Aw, look it's Jeff.

Person 2: He's totally a cool dude.
by thepersonwhorocks October 22, 2011
Broken Penis caused by walking, slamming or, running into something or someone.
haha he jeffed himself when his dad walked in
by jamesyo November 29, 2007
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