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The sweetest girl to ever walk the earth. She's beautiful, smart, funny and carries her heart on her sleeve. She's the total package and every man falls for her but be careful because her smile can be deceiving.
"That Kinga drives me crazy."

"Kinga broke my heart again."
by Prof. Cornelius February 07, 2010
An adjective describing an attractive girl of Polish descent. The package normally includes a nice rear and long legs to go with it. Normally found accompanied by a gentlemen of Sri Lankan descent.
Check that Kinga out!
I rate that Kinga 8/10!
by Joey Chew October 12, 2004
Kinga is a super swaggy girl who doesn't give a shit about nothing. The is incredibly talented and has a bit of an ego. Kinga is usually a dick.
"Dude, Kinga is such a dick! "
"I don't care man she's super dope!"
by Tits Of Unicorns March 01, 2015
- A person of ill repute who is always in a state of constant self pity and tends to be disguntled by anything they do not agree to be correct.

This is taken from a behavioral pattern viewed in polish/canadian youth of the female gender.
:Man that chick is such a kinga!
:what happened to her, she's acting like a real kinga lately
:your mom may be hot but she's a kinga
by Jebidiah S. September 26, 2004
A female contestant in Englands Piss-poor attempt at reality Tv known as Big Brother. This fairly large "minger kinga" decided to pretend to be drunk on non-alcoholic wine (non-beknownest to the contestants) then take the bottle on to the garden and attempted to shove it up her Gash and try to pleasure herself.
"Dude that Kinga is a fat bottle-fucking cow"
by Adam The Salty Pirate Baron April 09, 2006
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