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See also, hoe. Term used to describe the basic hoe.
That bitch is a skeeza.
by KingdomCum January 23, 2003
285 92
Skank-ass ho
You're a rich girl, far from a skeeza
I'm playin broke at the mall with your visa
by eXXX June 13, 2004
148 59
A nasty wheezy ass hoe
you fuckin dumb ass skeeza!
by Philly Blunt October 08, 2004
68 42
slut, skank, ho, whore, broad, a girl with hella DVDs
1. Damn, I wanna pork that skeeza with the fat ass.
2. Those skeezas get railed every time they get faded.
by RWC December 02, 2003
86 60
A creeper, someone who lurks.
A person who hides with a shotgun on a Halo 3 game.
"I see you lurkin' with dat shotgun skeeza!"
by Osama Bin Travis April 13, 2009
79 62
Slutty girl...a girl whose not really cute but slutty ....not so good lucking girls that youll still hook up with...
"I love Skeeza's"..."that bitch is a skeeza"..."what you doing tonigt?? Oh hanging with some skeeza"
by ashtonstorh August 26, 2006
39 24
Skeezas is an urban word used to definitate females usually of attractive nature
Daym check out those skeezas ova there nigga
by Miturbin izdurti November 17, 2007
15 9