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Another word for marijuana. When in a place where "pot" & "weed" cannot be used (ie: infront of parents or authority) you use the word jebb.
"Yo you wanna smoke some jebb?"
"Hell yeah, put some DMB on"
by TJ Burns January 18, 2006
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Urban bastardization of Jeff or Geoff. Also called Jebbadiah, Jebb Jebbovich, Jebbazulu, and Jebbasaki.

One with a penschant for asian girls and anime.

Party animal and all around Technomancer who drives a ground-thumping beatbox of electronic sounds.

Probably the only person that keeps Tric from killing himself.
Jebb: "I do drugs from time to time, but I hasn't affected my schools yet. Crap..."

Jebb: "Let's smoke up and watch Passion of the Christ!"
by Buck May 30, 2004

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